LONDON – Following the shock result of the UK referendum to leave the European Union, the dystopian satire Children of Men has been reclassified as a documentary.

The British Film Institute has reclassified Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 dystopian satire Children of Men following the Brexit result of the UK referendum on the European Union. A spokesperson for the BFI said:

The thing is we originally thought that the racism and hatred towards immigrants shown in Cuaron’s film was over the top, but actually we see that it is the driving thought of most little Englanders, of who there are much more than we realized.

But why is the BFI making such a political stance?

Well, did you like An Education? Or Hunger? Or Macbeth, Nanny McPhee, Amy, or Tinker Tailor, Soldier ,Spy? Or Game of Thrones? Or Under the Skin, or Pride, or Berbarian Sound Studio?

I didn’t like Nanny McPhee.

But did you like The Lobster, fish Tank, Belle? Shaun the Sheep?


Then those were all made with vital help from the EU Media fund which paid the UK over 130 million pounds over the last decade. That won’t be there anymore.



Children of Men star Clive Owen.


HOLLYWOOD – Melissa McCarthy is to star in the new ‘sequel reboot’ of the Rocketeer, the studio announced today.

Star of Ghostbusters, The Boss and Spy, Melissa McCarthy is now to star in the new version of The Rocketeer. It will be a follow up to the 1991 Disney movie starring Billy Campbell. McCarthy is to play Cliffette Secord, in a twist from the original 1980s comic book. Tentatively titled “The Rocketeers,” the film has been classified as a ‘sequel reboot’ and is set some years after the activities of the first film.

Cliff Secord has vanished while on a mission to fight the Nazis. His sister Cliffette (McCarthy) has taken over the job of Rocketeer to prevent a corrupt scientist from selling the technology to the Soviets.

The film will represent Melissa McCarthy’s move away from comedy into straight drama. She spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the film:

What attracted me tot he script was how political the story is. Although it is obviously set in a different period, the concerns of technology being used to create terrible destruction resonated even today. Of course there have to be some light shades and those will be provided by a new character called Otis, the comedy Kangaroo. He’s a kind of genetic experiment.

Timothy Dalton is to return as Pieter Sinclair, the evil twin brother of Neville Sinclair the role he played in the original movie.

The Rocketeers will be released in 2017.