HOLLYWOOD – Guillermo del Toro announced his next film will be Splash 2.

Following The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro will pursue the life aquatic with a sequel to the 1984 comedy Splash. The original Ron Howard comedy starred Tom Hanks as a young man who falls in love with mermaid Daryl Hannah who is literally a fish out of water.

Guillermo came into the Studio Exec bungalow to discuss the movie:

I love the original Splash and I wanted to do something with it. I talked with both Daryl and Tom. They agreed that revisiting their roles would be an essential part of the new movie. As it happened, I had written a script when I was a film student in Mexico and with some modification we’ll use that.

What’s the story?

If you recall at the end of Splash, Allan – Tom’s character – dived into the water so that he’d live with Madison the mermaid for the rest of his life. We take up with them again. But now with the pollution and the plastic bags, the oceans are no longer a healthy place to be. Allan is actually fading, he’s got cancer.

Oh no.

So they swim up the river and once more take to land. They cross America, stopping at motels and lakes. They’re pursued by mad scientists and an oil company baron who wants to use Madison as a logo for his company. It’s a sad tale about mortality and old age. It’s also about the road not taken as Allan rediscovers a reality that he has never known because of his time in the water.


Yeah, I know. It’s like On Golden Pond meets Midnight Run.

It sounds great. 

Yeah, Tom and Daryl and I are really excited. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to look at the America through the eyes of people who have been missing from the 80s. There’s humor and adventure and all that, as well.

Splash 2 is set for 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Happy Days actor and Rush director Ron Howard has promised that his Han Solo won’t feature Lego.

Ron Howard has been called in to replace Philip Lord and Chris Miller and has promised that he will reverse the Lego-like direction the new Star Wars film was going in. Kathleen Kennedy spoke to the Studio Exec:

The thing we all love about Ron is that there’s no Lego in any of his movies. Far and Away: no Lego. Rush: No Lego. Cinderella Man: no Lego. Apollo 13: no Lego. I could go on.

Please don’t.

Splash and A Beautiful Mind and The DaVinci Code: No L… wait I think there might have been some Lego in The DaVinci Code. But that was very much the anomaly.

Apart from the no Lego thing what does Ron bring to the table for Star Wars?

Well, he’s available. He has no discernible style to get in the way of the franchise. We’re kind of sick of all this ‘respect my vision’ bullshit. This is a Han Solo movie. The vision is: do you want to see a Han Solo movie? Yes. Okay open your eyes. There it is. What do you mean where’s the Lego? Get out of my house.

Han Solo will be released in 2018.