Oh hi.

You sound surprised.

No, it’s just I wasn’t expecting… Who are you?

I’m the new Spike Jonze movie Her.

Wow. And you can talk?

Apparently (enchanting laugh). I used to have Samantha Morton’s voice but now I have Scarlet Johansson‘s, but alas no body.

You’re funny.

Aw, that’s sweet of you to say. I was programmed with a light satirical touch, but as an entity I am also able to learn from the situations I’ve created and evolve into something at first quirky and endearing – like a high concept rom-com, if you know what I mean – and then into something almost profound. The Arcade Fire score helps, like, a lot.

Yeah, I like their music.

A man of immaculate taste.

Oh, I’m not a man.

A woman then.

No, no, I’m a review. 

A what?

I’m the Studio Exec review of the new Spike Jonze film Her. I figured, you know, he isn’t the only one who can do self-referential meta.

Oh the Studio Exec? So you’re being satirical. You’re being sarcastic. Is that what this is? What’s your problem? And by the way ‘self-referential meta’ is a tautology. If you’re going to mock me at least…

No, I’m not. Not at all. I admire you greatly. So much so I’m really glad we got this opportunity to talk. I mean I feel that I know you, I understand intimacy a lot more. I love the way you show LA. And the future is really subtle. Very few cars and everyone involved in their games and gadgets. I loved the job the Gladiator guy had. And Amy Adams is… well she’s great. 

Isn’t she a doll?

Oh she’s wonderful in everything. 

So you’re not just ridiculing me.

No! I kind have feelings for you. I feel I know you intimately. Maybe, we could hang out together and I don’t know ghost write a Karen O song. Maybe two.

That might be fun. So…


How many stars are you gonna give me?

I don’t do stars.

Oh come on. Seriously? 

It’s reductive. Stupid. Wrong.

Come on. How many stars baby? You know you want to give me some stars.  Give me some stars. 

Five stars. 

I think we should take this to another level.



HOLLYWOOD – Actress, singer and actress Scarlett Johansson has often remarked on a willingness to disrobe if she felt that artistically a project called for nudity.

When she was offered the role of Samantha opposite Joaquin Phoenix in Spike Jonze‘s Her, she decided the time was right.
Spike Jonze described the actress’ commitment as ‘brave’ and ‘extraordinary’:

We’d talked about the role and I think she’d read the script. She came into the studio and the film was largely done. Her role was the last thing we needed. Anyway she came in and stripped off before I could say anything. I was frankly baffled, but we went ahead and ran through her dialogue. I thought she might get quite chilly, or at least confused as to why we weren’t filming her, but she’s a trooper and she just carried on recording the dialogue.   

Jonze believes that although Scarlett Johansson’s nudity won’t be visible it adds a definite frisson to the completed film. 

There’s an emotional fragility both to Scarlett and Samantha and so weirdly it worked. We were all spellbound and it was only after she’d left that we realized we all had cameras on our phones and we hadn’t used them. I asked Joaquin what he thought about it. But he hadn’t noticed anything strange.

Her will be released in December, 2013.


HOLLYWOOD – Cameron Diaz has confirmed she will play the lead role in a remake of the 1982 Sydney Pollack directed comedy Tootsie.

Ms. Diaz will take the role of Michael Dorsey, an out of work actor – played in the original by Dustin Hoffman – who assumes the identity of a woman Dorothy Michaels in order to get more work.

Director Spike Jonze says the original idea was to change the roles from male to female to accommodate Ms. Diaz’s having a vagina, but then they decided that ‘wasn’t quirky enough’ and so decided that the actress will play a man who pretends to be a woman. ‘It’ll be really freaky, and people will be going what? and I’ll be like, yeah. Exactly!’

Asked to comment on the re-imagining of a role that saw him nominated for an Oscar, Dustin Hoffman said: ‘Phnmamanna mmnenmn mmnnmenon, assholes.’

Filming is due to start in the Spring.