NEW YORK – The Criterion Collection are proud to announce the release of a Special Edition Blu-Ray of Spice World: The Movie. A pristine new transfer has been accomplished to bring out the colors of this amazing pop crossover comedy/musical/political satire and the soundtrack has been completely digitally remastered to reveal in their full glory songs such as Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life.

The Criterion Edition will also reinstate the infamous Gary Glitter deleted scene in which Gary – ‘the leader of the gang’ –  falls in love with Baby Spice. Also included is a newly recorded commentary by Slavoj Zizek and Camille Palgia in which the two intellectuals embarrass themselves gushing over who is their favorite Spice.
A three hour documentary by Errol Morris Zig-A-Zig-Ah is also included, charting the socio-historical significance of  the group through a series of talking head interviews with Norman Mailer, Martin Scorsese and Helmut Kohl.


LONDON – Mogran Spurlock is to remake Spice World. 

Famed documentarian and ginger Zapata-impersonator Morgan Spurlock announced this morning that he would be remaking Spice World, the 1997 ‘comedy’ which sought to give Simon Cowell’s other noxious creation The Spice Girls even more money taken directly from the pockets of impressionable children who don’t know better.

Morgan Spurlock – who is currently directing the One Direction concert film as a way of ‘getting in the mood’ – said:

All my films basically start off as terrible ideas. I have this terrible idea like eating only McDonalds for a month – Super Size Me – or catching Osama Bin Laden – Where on the Earth is Osama Bin Laden? – or going to comic-con – and then I make a movie of it. Now, what could be a worse idea than remaking Spice World, a film that was irrelevant even before it was made.  

Spurlock has yet to approach any of the members of the original group or secure rights, but he says that will all be part of the finished picture. Some, however, have criticised Spurlock as a brainless chancer whose first name would be more accurate if it was shy of one M.

What do you think? Would you like to be in their gang?

Spice World will be released in 2017.