VENICE – Our intrepid Studio Exec has braved the screening rooms of the Darsena, the Sala Grande and even the dreaded plastic cavern that is the Palabiennale and now is here to give you his critical opinion.

The awards are out and the results are – as is traditional – baffling and underwhelming.

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson should have won the Golden Lion, but instead got the runner up Grand Jury Prize for Anomalisa. It’s like an R-rated Wallace and Gromit film, but with Gromit dead and Wallace really unhappy and perhaps mentally ill. The best director prize went to El Clan which was the best Argentinian Martin Scorsese film of the last year. The winner was Venezuelan film From Afar, which is okay. But a quick glance at some past winners will show how often a fairly twee choice will trump better films. Does anyone remember Scra GRA? Somewhere? Did anyone see Faust? Or the Pigeon Sitting on a Branch Contemplating Existence, which won last year? The last two were actually good films, but Somewhere? How did that win? How did Quentin Tarantino’s ex-girlfriend Sofia Coppola’s rather drab film impress the head of the jury Quentin Tara… oh.

There is a chance that Venice were copying Cannes who awarded Dheepan the Palme d’Or despite the fact it was only a bit better then How to Train Your Dragon 2.

The Venice Film Festival is done. I hope you enjoyed our coverage which is all available here.


VENICE BEACH – Stephen Dorff has been delighting audience with his idiosyncratic bravura performances for years in such films as Backbeat, Blade and Somewhere.

But what do we really know about him? Well, the Studio Exec has compiled 5 Fascinating Facts and here they are:

1. His first name is Stephen and his second name (or surname) is Dorff. Put them together and you have Stephen Dorff. It’s that easy.

2. He was in Backbeat, Blade and Somewhere. And … some other films. 

3. His first name is Stephen and his second name… What? Have I already said that? Okay. 5 fascinating facts you say? Okay.

4. Whereas Robert Downey Jr. plays a superhero, Stephen Dorff actually is a superhero. His bland, boring exterior of sleep-inducing dopiness is merely a mask to protect his real identity as Dorff-o the Deliberator, who spends his evenings flying around West Hollywood dispensing justice after he’s thought about it for a long time.

5. To prepare for the role of vacuous, dopey, boring high paid Hollywood actor Johnny Marco for Sofia Coppola‘s boring, dopey, vacuous 2010 film Somewhere, Dorff did nothing at all, not even reading the script. “I just showed up and sat in chairs,” he told Rolling Stone. “Sometimes I sat in a car.”

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