HOLLYWOOD – Edward Snowden made headlines recently when he joined Twitter, but what many people don’t know is he also joined Google Plus.

Speaking to political Blog The Runtler, Edward Snowden commented for the first time on his foray into social media:

Of course the reason I am on Twitter seems to me obvious. I wish to maintain a high profile online presence and I want to argue for the freedom of the individual and against the oppressive surveillance of the state. But I also obviously am very concerned about privacy and I fear that Twitter will be an intrusive drain on my time. So to address this I’ve also joined Google Plus, which uniquely will give me a place to be alone while I am on the internet.

Oliver Stone who is directing a film on Snowden’s life starring Joseph Gordon Levitt had this to say:

Edward Snowden is one of the most principled men I have ever met and the fact that he is on Twitter is phenomenal. But his joining Google Plus is just more evidence of how dedicated this man is, in protecting himself, like a digital hermit, from the overload of the modern world.

Some however have criticized the erstwhile whistleblower, claiming he is broadening his social media profile in order to publicize his new film WarGames 2, to which Snowden replied, ‘Obvs.’

Snowden will be released in 2016.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


HOLLYWOOD – First look at Joseph Gordon Levitt as Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone’s new film Snowden.

The film, which also stars Nicolas Cage, tells the story of the most famous whistle blower of recent years and subject of this year’s Oscar winning documentary Citizenfour. Shailene Woodley is also confirmed as Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills. Many who saw Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center believe that the film could be part of a CIA plot to discredit the former defense contractor, but there is always a chance that the Oliver Stone who made Salvador didn’t actually die in the 1980s.

Stone is currently filming in Munich, Germany.