LONDON – British Prime Minister revealed today that he is lined up to star in a remake of children’s classic Babe.

The new film will feature David Cameron in the role of the farmer, he looks after the eponymous pig and learns gradually to love the pig, to really care for it and love, to love it long time. Oh Yeah!

The news came only hours after revelations that the British PM had had intimate relations with a farmyard animal of the porcine kind. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, a source close to the Prime Minister said:

The news is wonderful. I think the Prime Minister is relieved that it’s all out in the open and he can finally live the lie of bestiality that he always longed for. The film will go a long way towards changing attitudes and he sees this as a two pronged strategy that will also involve legislation de-criminalizing sex acts with animals. It is a first for Britain.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn proved himself unelectable by not singing a song to an invisible man in the sky about helping out the little old lady in the spangly hat.

Babe will be released in 2016.