NEW YORK – A musical version of Simon West’s hit action film Con Air is being readied for its Broadway debut, featuring a rare musical performance from the original star Nicolas Cage.

With music by Stewart Copeland (formerly of The Police) and a ‘Book’ by British lyricist Tim Rice, casting is complete and rehearsals have begun for what promises to be a ‘major smash of the new season’. In his first full on musical role since Wild at Heart, Cage will be treading the boards and singing such potential smash hits as ‘Put the Bunny Back in the Box’, ‘Oh Billy Bedlam (You’re a Font of Misplaced Rage)’ and ‘Don’t Land my Airplane in Las Vegas’ (to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama). Speaking exclusively to the Studio Exec the eccentric Elvis impersonator:

I’m so looking forward to this opportunity. The film was a blast to do but with the musical dimension we’re able to take this in whole new directions. 

How hard was it to adapt the film?

Not hard at all actually. There’s basically one setting – the airplane – and everything else can be easily suggested. 

Who else will be appearing from the original film? 

I’d like to get Steve Buscemi, but he’s not picking up the phone. And we want John Malkovich to reprise his role as Cyrus Grissom. He has a solo song ‘The Next Wings You See (Will Belong to the Flies Buzzing Over your Rotting Corpse)’ which will bring down the house, but I’m not sure John can even sing. Still he has such charisma.  

Con Air: the Musical will preview in early October Upper State New York before its Broadway Premier.