HOLLYWOOD – Daniel Day-Lewis’ agent has confirmed her client will come out of retirement to play The Silver Surfer in an upcoming Marvel movie.

“Daniel has been offered many opportunities to return to acting over the past few years. He was courted for the lead role in Joker and he very nearly signed on to play Jimmy Hoffa in The Irishman, but it was the challenge of playing The Silver Surfer that eventually tempted him to return.”

Infamous for his meticulous preparation for a role, Day-Lewis’ agent confirmed the celebrated actor is going all out for his comeback:

For the last six months he’s been working as a herald of Galactus, travelling the universe looking for new worlds for his master to devour. It’s not been easy. Being personally responsible for the extinction of billions of alien lifeforms weighed on his conscience but he’s a pro, and after a couple of weeks he was enabling cosmic genocide with a big smile on his face.

Galactus himself has come forward to praise Day-Lewis:

I love The Age of Innocence and it’s been my dream since I first saw it to work with Danny but because he was retired, I originally chose Tom Hardy to be my new herald. Unfortunately every time I devoured a planet Tom would cry uncontrollably and sure, a few tears the first couple of times is forgivable but after the 7th or 8th planet Tom was still in floods so we decided to amicably part ways. I did consider Ryan Gosling as a potential replacement but then I got the call that Danny was interested and the rest is history. He’s been truly exceptional, I’ve never been so full but I know that day will come soon when the project ends and I’ll have to obliterate him from existence to keep the secrets of my power getting into the wrong hands. That will be a sad day for me as not only will I be losing a friend, I’ll also be ensuring there will never be a Phantom Thread 2 and that is a terrible shame.