Donald Tump (aerial shot)
Sacha Baron Cohen

NEW YORK – Sacha Baron Cohen announced he is currently in the process of filming Shredded Wheat: The Donald Trump Story. ‘It’s very funny because we have actually been working on this story for years,’ said the comic actor and Ali G impersonator. ‘It is going to be funny when people see what was me and what was Donald, as in the real Donald. I’ve got him down pat, so I think people are going to be surprised.’
It has been confirmed that Cohen substituted Trump on several episodes of The Apprentice. ‘No one noticed,’ said Cohen. ‘I have a theory that everyone is fixated on his hair. So once you get that right, everything else falls into place.’

So all the ridiculous nonsense about the bet with Obama? That was you. Don’t you think it unethical to intervene in a political process?

No that was Donald. Although I think he might have sneaked into one of our script sessions pretending to be me and came away thinking it was a good idea.  

The title seems a bit cryptic. A bit like Catfish or something. What does it mean?

You’re joking right.

Shredded Wheat: The Donald Trump Story is released on Christmas Day.