HOLLYWOOD – Showgirls spin off to focus on Kyle MacLachlan in Zack Carey.

First Dale Cooper comes back in the new Twin Peaks. Then a new Dune is made. And now Kyle Maclachlan steps once more into the shoes of one of his most famous roles Zack Carey from Showgirls. We spoke with Kyle about the new film:

I see Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas every now and then. Restaurants and laundromats. That kind of thing. Every time we meet they talked about a Showgirls sequel. For them it felt like unfinished business, but they weren’t interested in Nomi. They wanted to do something with Zack. I didn’t take them very seriously but apparently Netflix shits money so it’s on.

What’s the story?

Story? Oh yeah. We left Zack in a state of some uncertainty. His treatment of Nomi sent him into a tail spin. He might have been an unscrupolous asshole, but he lost his job after she left and he realizes that he has lost his soul. So he goes into retreat and writes a bunch of poetry. Then he comes back to Las Vegas and finds that Crystal has become a hotel owner. He gets his old job back but this time Crystal makes him dance for her. It’s like a MeToo thing, but this time – and this is the twist that Joe and Paul are so good at – the man is the victim.

That’s erm…

I know.

Zack Carey will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Actor Kyle MacLachlan – made famous by his portrayal of Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks – is still undecided on whether or not he will return to the show.

‘The  thing is I’m just not sure I can fit it in,’ the Blue Velvet actor told Studio Exec this morning.

I have Paul Verhoeven phoning every day asking me if I’ll reprise my role as Zack Carey in Showgirls 2. Oliver Stone has been harassing me to play Ray Manzarek in his follow up to The Doors, After Jim. And the Flintstones franchise looks like it’s still going  to happen and I’d love to play Clifford Vandercave once more. It’s a role that I didn’t really perfect and the opportunity to take another swing at it would be great.

But surely the opportunity to work once more with David Lynch…


David Lynch.

Oh yes. David and I worked together a few times in the past. Dune was my first break and Blue Velvet was a lot of fun. I’m never sure why we didn’t do a sequel to that. Or The Hidden. That was nasty in a good way.

But I think all your fans really want to see you as Dale Cooper?


Dale Cooper. They want you to say Damned Fine Coffee. And wax poetic about the pie. 

Really? They don’t want Clifford Vandercave or Zack Carey?

Well, now you mention it. It would be cool to see Zack Carey again.

You see? It’s a toughie!

Showgirls 2 will be released in 2016.


The new made-for-television movie Liz and Dick is set to challenge Showgirls as the film that people will pretend to like as camp but just find horrendously bad and think maybe they should be doing something else with their lives and isn’t the world, when you come to think of it, full of enough pain and suffering without adding this kind of drudgery to it.
It stars Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor (an accomplished actress) and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton (an accomplished actor) and yet there seems to be a problem.
Charting the couples impetuous affair from their meeting on the set of Cleopatra on, and featuring hootingly bad dialogue, the Lifetime production has been widely and deservedly panned. The idea that Lohan’s own upended career could in anyway make her comparable to the iconic Taylor was one that should have been drowned in the Martini from whence it was born. Our very own Sir Edwin Fluffer has had to retire to his bed chamber having watched what he called ‘a travesty of a farce of two travesties of a mistake’. Avoid like an STD.