HOLLYWOOD – Pedro Pascal is the new Sean Bean.

Pedro Pascal got his splashed to pieces like an overripe water melon in Game of Thrones. He got himself mince-meated to death in Kingsman: The Golden Something. And now in The Equalizer 2 he has an eye torn out, a leg torn up, and then his neck cut open and he’s dropped off a  building to then be smashed by a massive wave.

So it goes alongside Boromir being arrowed, or Ronin Sean Bean shot or Goldeneye dropped from a height or impaled from behind in Patriot Games. We spoke to Sean Bean.

So Sean, Pedro…

That asshole Pedro Pascal. He’s trying to steal my bloody crown.

What are you going to do about it?

I watched him in Narcos and I liked him. He doesn’t die in that show. I thought this is guy has a future. But then everything I saw that he did afterwards he was dying in horrible ways.

Game of Thrones…

He stole that show. And how? by having his head stomped in. That was my signature move and I was in the same show.

If I meet him I’m going to …

Kill him?

No. That would be too predictable. I’m going to give him a lovely cake.

Sean Bean and Pedro Pascal will be appearing in Waiting for Violent Death.


Hidden Gems brings to light little known film gems which have somehow slipped through the collective cinematic consciousness. You’re welcome. This week Lord of the Rings.

JRR Tolkien’s mammoth fantasy novel Lord of the Rings has for a long time been considered unfilmable. Ralph Bakshi tried in 1978 but that was a cartoon and so doesn’t really count as a movie. John Boorman wanted to adapt the film but made Excalibur instead. Finally, at the end of the century Peter Jackson, a New Zealand filmmaker famous for gore fests like Bad Taste, decided the time had come. He gathered Ian McKellan, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean, Liv Tyler, Salah from Raiders, the guy who married the hot gal from Lost and Viggo Mortensen and together embarked on an epic adventure.

They would brave orcs, trolls and big spiders as they sought to return the ring of power to Mordor where they would destroy it.

‘One does not simply walk into Mordor’ a meme once said, and so it proved. Many problems beset the making of the film, but are now shrouded in mystery because mysteriously no interviews or behind the scene footage survives. Famously Andy Serkis’ Gollum character didn’t work at all and his performance was so poor, CGI was used for the first time to replace him. Similarly, Orlando Bloom’s Elf Legolas required digital enhancement to add vitality.

Only one ring to rule them all?

It is a miracle what came out is so good. Jackson grounds the fantasy in a realistic setting and uses his kinetic storytelling to push Tolkien’s tale on. He also manages to imbue it with some emotional content. Also, he does well to get rid of the songs. Though it is regrettable that Jeff Bridges as Tom Bombadil hit the cutting room floor, this moves the quest on at a clip. The special effects are amazing and the music by Howard Shore recalls a classical Hollywood orchestral score.

Unfortunately, Harvey Weinstein pulled the plug on the projected sequels. And so like the Bakshi cartoon the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring is an anti-climax. The road goes ever on apparently. There are reports that Jackson would like to complete the trilogy, but more recently he has renounced the whole idea of returning to Middle Earth, saying ‘Why would you need more than one film?’

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WESTEROS – Everyone’s favorite patriarch and former Hand of the King, Ned Stark is to return to Game of Thrones next episode, following a surprise announcement by actor Sean Bean.

Ned Stark played by Sean Bean is to return to Game of Thrones on Sunday’s episode: ‘Waking Ned’.

Bean spoke with Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about his character’s resurrection:

I began to get excited as soon as I heard that the Mountain was coming back to the show. And then Kit phoned me up to say that Jon Snow was also going to come back from the dead. Of course, I knew that he was coming back because otherwise we were going to lose half the audience. Then I got the call from the lads at HBO and they asked would I like to read a script they were preparing. Of course I would, I said. I almost spat out me beans on toast (and yes I address the name pun constantly). I read it through and I was immediately on board. After all, what else was I going to do?

What can you tell us about the episode?

I don’t want to spoil too much. Actually even telling you that I’m in the episode might itself be a spoiler. But basically I get my head sewn back onto my neck stump by the High Sparrow and then I go to search for my wife and eldest son.

Both dead.

Aye, so I gather. Any how, I have lots of adventures and a great old time.

You die, don’t you?


You die. Again.

Of course I bloody die. When don’t I die?

The latest episode of Game of Thrones ‘Waking Ned’ will show Sunday.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


WESTEROS – HBO has released the first picture of Jon Snow in the new season of Game of Thrones.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is due for April next year but already the first picture of Jon Snow has leaked EXCLUSIVELY onto the Studio Exec. Actor Kit Harrington also popped down the Studio Exec Keep to discuss his new role and explain what is going on after the shocking conclusion of the last season, which seemed to show Jon Snow being [SPOILER] killed to death.

So Kit what the frick is going on?

Initially everyone who has read the novels knows what happens to Jon Snow and so the producers and writers wanted to carry on the story. They have changed some things but they don’t want to go to far away from George RR Martin’s vision. But the reactions of the fans was unbelievable and I think they began to get cold feet.

So is it fair to say that you are back among the living?

Well, there was the idea that I could be recruited into the army of the White Walkers, but I don’t think that would really work and it wasn’t what my fans wanted to see so they decided that what would happen is they would do… well you know when you break a phone.

You reset to factory settings.

Exactly. What we would do is make part of the show leading up to the climax part of a dream and then I would be in the shower and I would be alive.

That’s amazing. So how far back can we expect to go? Just part of that episode?

That was the original idea but then we got really ambitious because you know, think of the possibilities. And so David Benioff was like there were firecrackers going off behind his eyes. And I said, ‘we’re just going back one episode right?’ And so guess what he said? It was so clever.

You know nothing Jon Snow. 

He said, ‘You…’ oh yeah that’s what he said. So he wanted to go further back basically.

So the season was a whole dream?

I can’t say much. But what I can say is that Sean Bean will be back.

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WESTEROS – We all think we know The Game of Thrones (Season 5) but other than the fact that Winter is always Coming, what do we really know?

The Studio Exec FACT squad graphically murdered several lead characters in unexpected ways to find out some more of the lore.

1. The Game of Thrones show is now entirely divorced from George RR Martin novels following the discovery that Martin had no idea where the story was going and had actually placed his characters in a holding pattern – endlessly circling each other – for two books while he tried to figure out what to do next. Every episode of the new season is entirely improvised. Peter Dinklage told us that ‘it is really exciting, but dangerous. You can feel the fear among the cast. Except for Emilia Clarke who’s always too drunk to care.’

2. Since reinventing action cinema with Pompeii, Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, now refuses to take any direction whatsoever and has forced everyone to greet him with the line: ‘Jon Snow knows everything’.

3. Despite the idea that Season Four was going to have a peaceful ending, violence has continued to be a part of the show’s fantasy cocktail, but real life violence on the set has caused a number of deaths. The main culprits are reportedly Emilia Clarke’s dragons which have grown so large and unruly that HBO are going through tens of interns every season. An inside source told the exec: ‘Those who aren’t incinerated are eaten, and the remains are thrown to the dogs.’

4. Although sex has always been a sure fire element of the show’s popularity, Game of Thrones producers have a very strict method of keeping the sex under control using charts which specify how many penises, breasts, buttocks and front fannies can be shown in each episode, with dimensions and heft specified.

5. Sean Bean will return for the finale of Season Five and kill everyone. This wasn’t in the original storyline, but Bean had been nursing his resentment for four seasons and so producers – at a loss how to conclude the season – called him back and allowed him free reign.

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NEW YORK – David Fincher and George R.R. Martin have announced that they are to collaborate with Netflix and HBO on a new political fantasy drama provisionally entitled Game of Cards.

The plot details are sketchy but the notion seems to be that following the wars the new President Stark (Sean Bean) and his political underlings are shifting for position in Westeros, D.C. An ambitious young dragon handling scribe (one of the Maras) teams up with the Hand of the President, Frank Underhill (Kevin Spacey) to connive and plot in a deliciously articulate way for incomprehensible ends.

David Fincher speaking about the project said:
We’re really excited. Fantasy has been dormant for years and many people said you can’t sell a political drama, now literally thousands of people are saying you can’t sell a political drama set in a fantasy world. Well I have two words for those assholes, Kevin Spacey. 

Mr. Spacey said he looked forward to the challenge:

Frank is a devious character who is able to get his own way manipulating people with his ability to use language and speak cleverly and wittily. I wanted to do it because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. It’s a real stretch. I’m exploring new territories. Oh wait. No, I’m not. Ha ha ha ha ha!  

George RRRRR Martin said that initially the plan had been to make a straight political drama called House of Thrones but ‘we decided I have a beard and so fantasy it is.’ Many are asking will women take their clothes off and give exposition whilst being taken from the rear. Fincher laughs, ‘Of course! If it’s artistically justi… Anyway, yes.’

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