BREAKING NEWS – In an announcement that has shocked Hollywood, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment have announced a Chief Brody Jaws Prequel has been greenlit, with Spielberg himself set to direct the picture. The film will follow his mainland career as a cop on the edge and on the take. The Exec spoke with Amblin development executive, Emelia Shnart to talk about the project.

So, A Chief Brody Jaws Prequel Is In The Works. This Sounds Exciting.

We’re all very excited about the project. We were in a production development meeting and to be honest with you. We were shit out of ideas. Indy IV is in the can. Schindler’s list II is a non-runner, so I’m told over and over again. And the Jurassic World franchise is in the shitter. We had nothing left.

Where Did You Get The Idea For A Chief Brody Jaws Prequel From?

Did you know Spielberg is an ideas fountain? He just shits out ideas all day and all night. The man is a machine. The trouble is, the vast majority of these ideas are garbage. I mean, they are ass gravy, the loosest stool water ever. So we employ someone to write them down, tell the him how great they are and throw them all in a big friggin container.

You Got Desperate And Opened The Container?

Yep. We trawled through shit idea after shit idea and eventually we happened upon this little nugget. We only ran with the concept. His idea was for a cop who was friendly, inclusive and relatable. That shit aint gonna fly these days. We’ve all seen too many videos of cops beating and shooting decent people of color. So we got to work.

So Brody Is Going To Be Corrupt and Racist?

Damned straight he is. There’s a reason he got transferred onto an island full of white people. Why do you think he seems so content in the movie? He fucking loves it there.

Do You Have Anyone In Mind For Role Of Brody?

Casey Affleck. He can do morally dubious assholes better than most, know what I mean?

And What About The Part Of Ellen Brody? Originally Played By Lorraine Gary.

Florence Pugh. Why not? She’s in everything at the moment.

You’ve Given This Some Thought.

Nearly a whole afternoon’s worth.

Chief Brody Begins Filming This Fall.


NEW YORK – The New York Times publishes profile of Schindler’s List Nazi Amon Goth.

You might remember Amon Goth as the Nazi played so memorably by Ralph Fiennes in the 1993 film Schindler’s List. Today, The New York Time published a profile of the old Nazi. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE extract from the piece:

Amon smiles gently as we meet at Starbucks. ‘I’d kill for the caramel latte,’ he says in his lovely Austrian accent, chuckling with avuncular charm. ‘And I’m not just talking about Jews.’ He gazes wistfully out of the window. ‘You see I feel that I’ve not had a fair shake of the stick,’ Herr Goth smiles, apologetically. ‘Spielberg and his cronies made me out to be a complete monster. But really I’m a complete pussy cat. By the way I have lots of pussy cats.’

And it’s true. When we visit him in his small villa, he introduces me to Kitler, Nietszche and Bobbins three adorable kittens. ‘The whole Nazi thing was overblown by the media,’ Herr Goth says. ‘We were really angry about affirmative action and there was this group that everyone’s forgotten about called Hebrew Lives Matter. It was this kind of provocation that led us to some very mild genociding.’

Herr Goth started life as a drummer for a shoe-gazing alternative rock band very much in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel. He soon found himself in the Austrian Libertarian Movement before joining the National Socialists and running a concentration camp in which he frequently summarily murdered inmates. ‘Yes, there was killing, but you have to understand that it was done with irony. Like Seinfeld. You know Seinfeld? The jew?’

Amon Goth is a complicated man, not simply a monstrous Nazi. Yes, he was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands, but he also likes kittens and sitcoms from the 90s.

Amon Goth: the Nazi with a Snood will be available from all good book shops.


SON OF SAUL – REVIEW – How do you make a film about the Holocaust?

It’s really difficult. The Holocaust runs against everything that Hollywood does well. You can’t glamorize and you can’t give it a happy ending. The numbers involved make it epic, but the experience was intimate, personal and devastating. To give it a narrative arc is to rationalize it and by doing so give it meaning. And giving the Holocaust meaning is morally dubious if not downright wrong. Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List is brilliantly made, but focuses our attention on an up-lifting outcome. The ghosts of the millions who weren’t on the list haunt the film and are glimpsed as extras. Life is Beautiful sets itself up as a heartbreaking fable of a father’s love for his son, but the moral of the story is to lie, to deny and ultimately blank out the Holocaust as if it was nothing more than a bump in an otherwise straight road. The obvious answer might be to go the documentary route as in Shoah, but reliance on documentary is not to be trusted, especially as a retreat of art. Documentaries themselves hide their own artfulness after all.

Which is all to say that László Nemes’ Son of Saul, the Hungarian film written by Nemes and Clara Royer, is an original treatment of the Holocaust. Saul Ausländer (Géza Röhrig) is a Hungarian-Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz, working as a Sonderkommando member, tasked with getting the Jews into the gas chambers, disposing of their goods, burning their bodies, cleaning everything up and then waiting for the next train of victims. The entire film is focused on Saul’s face as he trudges from one task to the other, his whole being shrunk to a miniscule size as he tries to shut out the horrors around him. The need for a narrative is so strong, even for the damned, so that when Saul finds a body among the dead who he takes to be his son, we don’t know whether this is his own wishful thinking, or a miraculous coincidence. It is also analogous to the film’s own need for a narrative to take us through the otherwise unimaginable.

Nothing is easy about the film. There is no hero to cling to. Our central protagonist is both a victim of the Holocaust and a workman who keeps the system moving. The brutality is at once mundane and routine, but occasionally feels like Hell itself in all its horrific grandeur. There is very little here that is comforting. And perhaps this is its abiding worth. The stubborn difficulty of the film, its cussed decision not to stare but to try, throughout most of its running time, to look the other way; its refusal to romanticize and promote survival; is almost a tacit admission that you can’t make a film about the Holocaust, but still you have to try.


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HOLLYWOOD – Liam Neeson is a busy actor at the moment and he’s just added to his roster signing up for Alan Parker’s new film Operation.

Based on the world famous skill game, Operation will center on the story of an surgeon who must operate on the President of the United States of America after his body has been implanted with a twelve mini-nuclear bombs.

Liam Neeson spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the project:

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this one, lads. I mean the way they’ve weaved terrorists and imminent thermonuclear destruction into what once was a table top game for kiddies is utterly fan-bloody-tastic. I can’t believe I wasted all that time with that Oscar Schindler crap when I could’ve been doing this.

Alan Parker – the director of Angel Heart and Midnight Express – who has come out of retirement spoke of his renewed taste for making films.

Liam is a versatile actor who can literally do anything. He is one of our finest character actors, but his commitment to making money has led him to also appear as an action star in the Taken series, single-handedly invent the board game genre and of course, who else would have dared to taken on Hannibal and pull of a performance that George Peppard would have been proud to own. Operation will be high drama and tension. Think of it as The Hurt Locker mixed with House. It’s political and dark, thrilling really and there is a moment of humor when the president’s nose glows red and a buzzer sound is heard. Don’t worry, it’s a false alarm caused by a mobile phone left on vibrate and POTUS’s alcoholism.

Operation: the Motion Picture will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – After his recent tinkering with Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stephen Soderbergh is currently working on a new version of Spielberg’s Holocaust epic Schindler’s List.

“I love Spielberg’s movies, he’s a genius and I want to celebrate his genius by experimenting with his entire body of work,” said Soderbergh.

Soderbergh had planned to rework Jaws but he had problems  licensing the music:

The plan was to remove the original soundtrack and play The Village People’s In the Navy on a loop for the entire length of the picture. Unfortunately we were unable to secure the rights because Lars Von Trier acquired them for his upcoming re-imagining of Das Boot.

Disappointed, Soderbergh turned his attention to Schindler’s List and he’s exceptionally pleased with the result:

We’ve changed the entire mood of the picture. Sure, it’s still a concentration camp but when you hear the sound of Bob Marley singing ‘Don’t worry, ’bout a thing,’ it transforms an otherwise harrowing scene into something uplifting.

Other songs featured on the soundtrack are Pete Tosh’s Legalize It, Prince Buster’s Madness and a new version of Lady in Red by Wyclef Jean.

Schindler’s List: The Roots Cut is due for release in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Hi, my name is Steven Spielberg, director of such great films as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lincoln, War Horse, Sugarland Express, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan, Amistad, Hook, 1941, The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, Munich and Always.

You might also know me from my executive producer credits on ER, Falling Skies, the Transformers series and many other TV Shows and films. Oh, I also kind of directed Poltergeist, but shhhhh. 

But today I don’t want to talk to you as the director of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Tin Tin the Secret of the Unicorn and certainly not as the director of The Terminal … to tell you the truth I always try and forget that one. 

No. I’m here to talk to you as a normal human being. A simple man. Cast from your mind Jurassic Park: The Lost World and Duel. Not to mention the beguiling science fiction fairy tales A.I. and E.T. And let’s not get into my cameo role in The Blues Brothers, or those documentaries I made about the Second World War and President Obama. And what’s the point in dredging up the segment of The Twilight Zone movie and those episodes of Columbo I was involved with? I was a young man, a kid and no one knew me. It just isn’t relevant to the point I want to make and this very important issue which I would like to shine a light on today.

So PLEASE sign the petition and remember to give generously. Thank You.

Steven Spielberg


HOLLYWOOD – JJ Abrams‘ love for Steven Spielberg is well known – as evidenced by his Goonies like Super 8 nostalgia fest – but now he is going to take it one step further: writing and directing a sequel to the capped one’s masterpiece, Schindler’s List

We caught up with the Lost creator in his Bad Robot offices where he was prepping some films about spaceships and laser swords(?) ‘I’ve always seen Steven as my hero,’ said Abrams. ‘But I’ve always made these films which were like early Spielberg, the Spielberg of Close Encounters and ET, Raiders even. Now I want to look at the more serious side of his work.’

Don’t you think it is in bad taste to make a sequel to a film like Schindler’s List, which after all is about true events occurring in the Holocaust?

 I would think that if this was a sequel, but really it isn’t. You see what happens in Schindler’s List 2 is actually an alternative universe. Some people got on the list other people weren’t so lucky. Well in my film that’s reversed. 

But that’s horrible.

And in Steven’s version, the allies win the war and the camps are liberated, but my film will ask the question what if they didn’t and what if they weren’t.

So the Nazis…

Win, yeah. Oh and we’re going to have a lot more humor. I like to keep it light. There’s a party scene where Oscar is wining and dining the Nazis and we’re going to do it to the Beastie Boys.

Oh Christ, not ‘Sabotage’ again!

Christ. What do you take me for? No, we’re going with ‘You’ve got to Fight for your Right (to Party)’. Have some taste man. It isn’t like I’m just slavishly reproducing what has gone before.

So anything else in the pipeline?

I’m not allowed to talk about Amistad 2, so no.  

Schindler’s List 2 will be released in 2015. 


Famous and accomplished film director, Steven Spielberg has come under attack from Princeton University history professor Dr. Marcus Grumble who claims in his new book Copycat: How Spielberg Robbed History that the 1941 filmmaker stole the story lines of many of his most famous films from reality.
Dr. Grumble even goes so far as to claim that Oscar winning masterpiece Schindler’s List is nothing more than a copy of stuff that actually happened, but with actors pretending to be people who they are really not.
Speaking in the pipe smoke filled office in the leafy confines of frosty academia, Grumble said:

He is a very good film director and I though – when I began my book – a wholly original one. Space aliens and archaeologists whipping people, and what have you. It was to my horror that I discovered that the story behind Schindler’s List was almost entirely taken from reality and Oscar Schindler did in fact exist and save Jews etc. Spielberg even has the audacity to put the real people at the end of his film walking beside the actors. Talk about hiding in plain sight. 

Continuing his investigation, Grumble noticed also that the D-Day landings were an actual event and not a Hollywood set piece devised by Spielberg to show off his new shaky camera. Likewise, he can confirm that Lincoln is not a fictional character and did indeed emancipate the slaves.

The more I dug the more I found out what a fraud and copier Spielberg was. He makes up very little. Amistad? True event. Catch Me If You Can? True story. Munich? Actually happened. Jurassic Park? True. It’s almost as if he’s taking real life stuff, and somehow reproducing it in a dramatic form with people who pretend to be real people who really lived. Spielberg, or Steal-berg as I call him, is no more than a plagiarist of history.

Steven Spielberg refused to be interviewed thus proving everything Dr. Grumble said to be entirely true.


NEW YORK – Ralph Fiennes today confessed exclusively to Studio Exec that his acting career almost ended with the 2002 romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez.

‘Every actor has an ambition to aim for the best,’ said Fiennes, scratching his trademark chin.

Challenges they wish to overcome, levels they wish to achieve. When I made Schindler’s List I achieved one of those ambitions, but when I finished Maid in Manhattan with Jenny Lopez I was just spent. I said “I’m done: I will never be better than that. Why go on?”

In the film Fiennes plays Christopher Marshall, a senator who mistakes Jennifer Lopez’s working class hotel maid for a high class socialite. The comedy of errors threatens to wreck his career but also leads him to understand that love knows no boundaries of social class.

‘It’s classic Marxism, when you think about it and that was John [Hughes]’s genius,’ said Ralph. ‘After we wrapped and we watched the film Wayne [Wang] came up to me and said “You just destroyed the whole idea of acting and then rebuilt it like a robot phoenix”. Jenny was weeping. She said she was never going to act again. And you know she didn’t.’

After a break of a couple of years, Fiennes returned to the screen. ‘I knew I would never ever get to that summit once more,’ he laughed and smiled. ‘But to have been there even once is an honor.’



DUBLIN – Liam Neeson sits across from me staring. I shift position nervously but he looks like he is measuring me up, trying to decide on the best way to kill me, whether to break my neck, or throttle me, or drive my nose bone deep into my pulpy brain flesh. He’s been sitting here in silence for twenty minutes.

When I first sat down, I sensed something was wrong. ‘You can’t sit there,’ Neeson growled in his famous Irish burr. ‘It’s Taken.’
I sat in the other chair. 
‘You can’t sit there either,’ he said.
‘That’s Taken 2,’ he roared with laughter.
In order to join in with the mood, I said, ‘Are you Taken the piss?’
At which point he stopped suddenly and stared at me. And that’s where we came in. Him staring at me for twenty minutes. 
Finally he sighs and begins to devour his food with something like savage grace. 
‘So,’ I say. ‘When George Lucas first approached you for the role of Qui Gong did you…’
‘Money,’ Neeson growls.
‘Okay,’ I say. ‘Were you a big fan of the TV show The A Team?’
‘Money,’ says Neeson.
The Grey?’
Neeson smiles. ‘That was the catering.’
‘I don’t know who you are’ Neeson says.
‘I’m Chad…’
‘I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for quotes, I can tell you now I don’t have them. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me daughter go…’
‘That’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t… stop crying Chad, if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.’
At which point I ran for it.

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NEW YORK – As a mere newcomer to the film blogging site business game, Studio Exec has been remiss in not including at least seven lists every day of the top five/ten/one hundred of something or other film related lists list.

So here we have the top five list of all time lists.

  1. List of crap movies from the Eighties that really ought to be remade. As if swine such as I needed any encouragement whatsoever to go back to that particular trough, you actually want to do my market research for me? Thanks. 
  2. The Sight and Sound top 100 list. This list was in the news recently because some old film was replaced by another old film and half of us pretended to have a tizzy and the other half had a tizzy about them having a tizzy. Like children would die as a result of it. And this from the more high-minded part of the community? Sheesh.
  3. List of people who could direct the new Batman movie. Nolan flukes out and actually makes three comic book movies that can be watched and appreciated by people who haven’t been lobotomised and we want to go back to the well and see if next time we can’t fuck it up? Be my guest, I suppose.  Woody Allen has my vote.
  4. The top seven must disgusting deaths in the Final Destination/Saw/Hostel/… series. We all love watching teenagers being split, but really? Ranking them?
  5. Schindler’s List. Fuck you. I liked it. And unlike the rest, it did actually mean something.

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