HOLLYWOOD – Luca Guadagnino’s new film Scarface gets its first picture.

News of Luca Guadagnino’s new version of Scarface hit the internets and excited much comment. Taken from a script by the Coen Brothers, Guadagnino’s film looks set to take on the iconic Brian De Palma version which starred Al Pacino.

We spoke with Luca yesterday and asked him what it was going to be like:

It’s going to be fantastico. Ecco the first picture from the film.

Can we publish this?

Certo. Of course. The new film will go back in time. The first one was too Eighties. I love it but it was you know trashy. In this version we’re going to go back to the classic RKO crime pictures. Black and white, as you can see, at the same kind of production design.

Wow! And who is this in the picture?

Oscar Isaac. He looks different, no?

Yes, he’s unrecog…

…nizable I know. Why you always say things I know Studio Exec? We made him up so that he had a scar and tried to make him look a little older too. I think he looks fantastic. The music is going to be by Hans Zimmer and is going to be just tubas. No other instruments. Just tubas all the time. Parp, parp, parp!

The new movie hits theaters next year.


HOLLYWOOD – Elijah Wood has signed on to play drugs executive Martin Shkreli in a new film directed by Brian dePalma and tentatively entitled Asshole.

Martin Shkreli first caused furore when his company bought the rights to a series of medicines and then overnight hiked the prices by huge amounts. In seeking to justify his actions he only made people hate him more and before a congressional hearing managed to achieve the almost impossible by making Congress look morally superior to something else in the room. Brian dePalma immediately announced his plans to make a film based on Martin Shkreli’s life:

It is going to be a thematic sequel to Scarface. This punk thinks that America is there for the taking and he starts after, without caring who he destroys or what. The only difference is that Al Pacino’s character had some sense of moral sincerity, even at his most heinous.

Casting proved difficult:

I needed an actor with the courage to confront the role. After all most stars don’t want to be aligned to some one this repugnant. Christian Bale had done American Psycho so I was keen on him reading the treatment, but he’s a bit too old for the role. But then someone showed me a tape of Elijah Wood in Maniac and I thought, if we can tone down the sympathy we feel for the murdering psychopath then I think Elijah would be perfect for the role.

Elijah Wood is currently in preparation for the role.

He’s on a strict regimen of being an asshole. He spends all his time reading Ayn Rand and listening to back to back audio books by Glenn Beck. Every morning he has a personal trainer come in and they go around New York burning $50 bills in front of homeless people and visiting hospices and cancer wards to laugh at the sick and the dying. Yesterday, he came round to my house and brought flowers and I was worried this guy is too nice, but I was later told he’d taken them of the grave of a child. So I tihnk we’re going to be fine.

Asshole will be released in 2017.



20,000 DAYS ON EARTH: REVIEW – Australian rock star Nick Cave spends his 20,000th day on earth in the company of a camera crew, Ray Winstone, Kylie Minogue and various collaborators.

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s surprisingly affable rockumentary shows the brilliant and gloomy songwriter in a variety of staged encounters in his adopted home of Brighton – including a toe-curling psychiatry session, the making of an album, preparation for a concert, lunch with a collaborator and various anecdotes from a career that has always managed to maintain a cult status while occasionally bobbing – like a murder victim wrapped in plastic sheeting – into the mainstream.

Full disclosure: I am a huge Nick Cave fan, having followed him from The Birthday Party through to the Bad Seeds. I saw him when he was touring The Good Son and never looked back. His albums are almost without exception fantastic, his film scores are exceptional, especially The Road and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and his two novels are awful, but I’ve dutifully read both. He even had a short stint as an actor in the amazing and underrated Australian prison film Ghosts of the Civil Dead, directed by fan and collaborator John Hilcoat as well as an appearance as himself in Wim Wenders’ masterpiece Wings of Desire.

I felt some trepidation watching the film, with the feeling you might get before meeting your hero, but the film pulls off the trick of at once being intimate and yet perpetuating  the image of the austere, brooding and unapproachable songster. A layer of darkness is undercut by mundane business, typified by a shot of Cave en famille munching pizza with his twin boys, and watching television. This being Cave, he’s not watching Strictly Dancing, but instead the final shoot out of Brian De Palma’s Scarface.

In short, if you like Nick Cave the film will be a welcome companion piece to The Road to God Knows Where. And if you don’t you’ll be baffled by the whole project.


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It has been confirmed this morning that legendary actor Al Pacino is to pose nude for the summer edition of popular skin magazine Playboy.

Pacino’s agent Rita Block filled us in on the details.

Al did the photo session yesterday. It’s a 10 page spread that will feature him recreating some of his most famous roles. For example there’s the tango scene in Scent of a Woman, the restaurant shooting scene from The Godfather and the 8-ball Pool scene from Carlito’s Way.”

It was rumoured that Pacino would be heavily photoshopped but Block insisted no images will be altered.

Al wants them to be as natural as possible. He’s a 72 year old man and it would look silly if they airbrushed him. In fact his exact words to me were “I want the world to know exactly what an old man’s cock looks like.”

Block also revealed another famous actor has also gone nude for one of the photographs.

Let’s just say that epic scene in Heat will be even more epic!

We asked Playboy owner Hugh Hefner why he wanted Pacino in Playboy and his reply was somewhat puzzling.

He just turned up to the house one day when we were doing a shoot with Pam Anderson. He shouted at everyone, took his clothes off and demanded the photographer take pictures of him. I think he might have been drunk but I didn’t want to say anything in case he hit me.

Hefner went on to say that although his hand was forced, he’s quite happy with the results.

Al looks buff for an old timer. Though I can only speculate what our predominately male followers will think when they open up Playboy and see Pacino naked firing an AK-47 in the Scarface parody.


HOLLYWOOD – Cinema legend Al Pacino will play Joe Paterno, the disgraced Penn State coach in nuanced, tasteful drama by Brian … oh fuck, by Brian de Palma? Seriously?

Provisionally entitled Touching the Boys, the team that brought you the touching tale of a Cuban immigrant’s struggle to find acceptance in the US – Scarface – are preparing a script based on the book by Joe Posnaski.

‘This is gonna be subtle,’ said de Palma. ‘I’ve worked with Al twice, Scarface and Carlito’s Way. We work together well and the subject is fascinating. Plus I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and this is going to give me an opportunity to do another homage to the shower scene in Psycho.’

Oliver Stone – who had written a draft of the script that was deemed ‘too subtle’ – was unimpressed at the prospect. ‘Brian’s a film maker who can’t resist self-reference. Everytime I got a draft of the script back from him he’d added the line “Say hello to my little friends”. Personally, I don’t tihnk that’s appropriate.’

No date has yet been set for filming.