HOLLYWOOD – Sacha Baron Cohen announces Freddie Mercury film to rival Bohemian Rhapsody.

Don’t stop me now, says Sacha Baron Cohen as he signs on for a rival version of the Queen story. The British comedian was originally slated to play the lead singer in Bohemian Rhapsody when creative differences saw him leave the project. But his interest revived when he watched the Rami Malek film.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with The Studio Exec, the Borat actor had this to say:

What we wanted to do is so different from what they did that I realized that we could make the film and no one would even think of them being about the same person. They did essentially a straightforward and rather sanitized version. We wanted to see the excess, the parties, the extravagance, the decadence.

Sounds good. But will Queen let you use the music?

No obviously not. But we see that as an advantage. That way we avoid all those scenes in the studio and at the concerts and we can just concentrate on the orgies and the drugs. Plus our director is really prepared. Knows everything about Queen, has done the research.

Who is it?

Bryan Singer.


He was going to do that Elton John movie with Tom Hardy, but once Tom left he decided to look into Queen and that’s why he’s so uniquely qualified.

Fat Bottomed Girls (You Make the Rockin’ World Go Round) will be released in 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – Sacha Baron Cohen is in cinemas this week with the worst flop of his career, The Brothers Grimsby, but what do we really know about the mercurial comic genius?

The Studio Exec FACT Squad were launched onto an unsuspecting world this month to find out who in the world Sacha Baron Cohen really is.

  1. Borat, the journalist from Kazakhstan who we all enjoyed laughing at in the 2006 film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan because he was racist even though laughing at him like that was a little bit racist, was actually Sacha Baron Cohen! I know.
  2. Bruno, the gay fashion journalist who exposed homophobia hilariously in the film Bruno in 2009 though laughing at him did kind of make us a little bit homophobic too, was actually Sacha Baron Cohen! As well.
  3. Ali G, who featured in the hilarious film Ali G Inda House and presented alongside Emily Blunt at the Oscars last month and hilariously mocked the lack of diversity at the Oscars by making jokes about the Chinese… also Sacha Baron Cohen.
  4. Freddie Mercury, who had hundreds of hit singles and sold millions of hit albums including the soundtrack to the Science Fiction Classic Flash, both as a solo artist and with the popular rock group and best pub band in the world Queen, was going to be Sacha Baron Cohen, but died in 1991 before his dream could be realized.
  5. Donald Trump is not, despite rumors to the contrary, Sacha Baron Cohen.

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HOLLYWOOD – Sacha Baron Cohen has dispelled rumors that he is playing Donald Trump in real life as some kind of strange prank movie.

Rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen is actually playing Donald Trump were scotched today by Baron Cohen himself as many voices in the Republican Party appealed for him to stop what they wree calling a ‘vandalism of the GOP’.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, Baron Cohen said:

I have sort of set myself up for this what with Borat and Bruno, but I have to say that I would be a lot more subtle. Well, not a lot more. But a little bit more subtle certainly. This stuff about Muslims I wouldn’t do. And the hair, the hair is ridiculous. I mean, talk about a suspension of disbelief!

But the photo…?

That’s something photoshopped from the internet. It isn’t true. I know I’ve sometimes pushed the boat out in terms of taste. I’ve tested the boundaries. But Donald Trump is simply no longer funny. If he were a comedy character of mine, I would have backed off by now. I mean he just isn’t realistic anymore. Not to mention you have to have some sense of social responsibility as a comedian. Sure, I want to make fun of America, but I’d also like to live here too. I’d like it still to exist.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film The President will be released in January 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Famed comedian and reality TV show personality, Donald Trump might consider one day running for office, it was revealed today.

The news comes as Donald Trump prepares for his guest host spot on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

A spokeswoman close to the Trump camp said:

Mr. Trump is a hilarious and highly articulate comedian who has been Andy Kaufman style situational comedy for the past twenty years or so. He is so committed to his comic art that he never breaks character. It is really unbelievable. The boorish, racist, sexist, stupid oaf that he hilariously holds up for lampooning and ridicule, he lives with that character 24/7. However, he is thinking about possibly running for political office so that he can perhaps more effectively criticize the right. He fears that his own practical joking of the GOP, his punking if you will, is being widely misinterpreted.

Saturday Night Live show runner Lorne Michaels dismissed criticism that Trump was already a Presidential candidate.

If you can’t see that clearly for the joke it is then you don’t understand comedy. One day Trump will be seen as one of the greats. A Sacha Baron Cohen of interventionist comedy, a Lenny Bruce. But like Stephen Colbert, there comes a time when the character becomes too restrictive. In private life Donald is really progressive and I could see him running just little left of Bernie Sanders, or perhaps as an independent.

However, many of his political opponents insist that Trump is not a clever comic playing an incredibly realistic and detailed buffoon of a character, but rather is in fact exactly what he seems. But with his closest rival Ben Carson insisting that he (Carson) did stab someone to death, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find out where the comedy ends and the politics begins, if it ever does.

Saturday Night Live will be recorded on Friday.


DAMASCUS – British comic actor and Borat star, Sacha Baron Cohen admitted yesterday to being Bashar al-Assad: Breaking Bad fan, General Secretary of the Ba’ath Party and President of Syria.

‘Initially I was preparing for The Dictator and I thought lets do it as a mockumentary and so I flew to Syria as part of my preparations,’ the Bruno star revealed. 

 However, when I got there it turned out that the real Assad had just been killed in a car accident and guess which mug was asked to stand in while they sort out the civil war!? That’s right, me.

Has being Assad had an effect on your career?

Well, The Dictator, many noticed, was way below my usual level and I’ve really only had time to do a couple of cameos in Hugo and Les Miserables since then. Being Assad is just so time consuming. There’s the rebels and pressures from the West. But running the country isn’t even half of it. It’s the bloody Ba’ath Party. Endless meetings about nothing: the color of the membership cards, where to have the annual picnic, interregional five aside competitions. I could go on.

So why are you revealing this now?

Because there’s a very real chance I might be killed and I just want to get out there ahead of the field and say look, I’m an actor and I was just following the script.

But you are famed for your improvisational skills. 

Exactly. I mean no. All the major players know it’s me, and it’s only making things worse. I know that President Obama hated The Ali G Movie and the strategic air strikes are informed by that hatred. As for Vladimir Putin, if he sits down and watches Bruno, I’ll lose a major ally.

So what’s your next project?

If I survive, we’re in talks to do a musical version of All Quiet on the Western Front.  

All Singing on the Western Front is due for release in January, 2015.


Donald Tump (aerial shot)
Sacha Baron Cohen

NEW YORK – Sacha Baron Cohen announced he is currently in the process of filming Shredded Wheat: The Donald Trump Story. ‘It’s very funny because we have actually been working on this story for years,’ said the comic actor and Ali G impersonator. ‘It is going to be funny when people see what was me and what was Donald, as in the real Donald. I’ve got him down pat, so I think people are going to be surprised.’
It has been confirmed that Cohen substituted Trump on several episodes of The Apprentice. ‘No one noticed,’ said Cohen. ‘I have a theory that everyone is fixated on his hair. So once you get that right, everything else falls into place.’

So all the ridiculous nonsense about the bet with Obama? That was you. Don’t you think it unethical to intervene in a political process?

No that was Donald. Although I think he might have sneaked into one of our script sessions pretending to be me and came away thinking it was a good idea.  

The title seems a bit cryptic. A bit like Catfish or something. What does it mean?

You’re joking right.

Shredded Wheat: The Donald Trump Story is released on Christmas Day.


WASHINGTON – In a shock turnaround, Sean Penn has publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for President at a rally in Tampa earlier today.

The My Name is Sam star and famed radical activist and campaigner explained his change of heart to a packed crowd at a Mitt is It rally. ‘I realised how much I earn,’ Penn blustered. ‘So fuck yeah, he’s got my vote.’

Penn joins a whole barrage of erstwhile liberals in lining up behind the Mittster who has promised cut taxes and allow poor people to be legally hunted as game.

Michael Moore said earlier this week that being right wing and crazy ‘was just more funny’. And Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon said they believed that many stars were attracted to Romney’s lack of charisma.

‘You hang around show people all the time with their humor and excitement and sparkling conversation and it’s tiring,’ the Rocky Horror Picture Show strumpet remarked. ‘With Mr. Romney you’re safe from any danger of being remotely interested in anything he has to say.’

Some have linked Penn’s change of heart to the fact that although he was definitely gay in Milk, he appears to be married in This is not the Place. Whilst many see this as further evidence that Mitt Romney is in fact a character created by Sacha Baron Cohen for a new comedy film.


LONDON – Sacha Baron Cohen has come out today and explicitly denied that he is in fact Mitt Romney.

‘I am not Mitt Romney,’ he said reading from a prepared statement via satellite phone. ‘I am not pretending to be a character named Mitt Romney, a buffoonish right winger who keeps dropping hilarious clangers. This is not a character who will appear in my new movie Mitt Romney: Borat Comes Home, in cinemas nationwide from March 2013. That is all I have to say.’

Cohen – famous for his outrageous satirical creations such as Borat, Ali G and Bruno – has more recently appeared in less prank-style and more conventional features such as Hugo and The Dictator. However, rumors spread that he was preparing a return to the punk’d territory with which he made his name when some people noted that Mitt Romney’s head looked like it was being worn by a comic actor who was uttering the most laughable bile. 

Following a series of gaffs – something about Libya and something else about people who are so stupid that they don’t even have one million dollars – the rumours began to be taken more seriously. Larry David – a keen Cohen fan – said today ‘It’s obvious that this is Sacha. In a way I’m a little disappointed. I expect a little bit more subtlety from the man.’

“Mitt Romney” refused to comment.