HOLLYWOOD – Netflix super-show Dahmer gets a second season.

Dahmer has split opinion the way his drill split skulls. But showrunner  Ryan Murphy is not making any apology for his serial killing hit.

‘All those motherfxxkers can fxxk off,’ he told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY. ‘Yeah if it’s Ted Bundy, you all cream in your shorts, but no love for poor Jeffrey huh? Wonder why?’

But how are you going to shoot a second season? Didn’t you kind of tell the whole story?

I don’t recognise that as a legitimate question. You wouldn’t ask Game of Thrones guys why did you bring back Jon Snow? Or the Ancient Egyptians when they made Dallas, why they brought back Bobby Ewing? That question is unfair and stupid.

You make points.

Why thank you!

There’s no need to take off your hat with such a flourish. And anyway, those shows are different.

How so?

They’re not based on real life.

Neither’s Dahmer.

Dahmer is based on real life though.

No, it isn’t. Are you telling me Jeffrey Dahmer was a real person who actually murdered people and ate people and did all the horrible things we show?


Who the fuck would want to see such a thing?

I know.

Jesus Christ. And think of how the families of the victims must feel. I think I feel ill.

Well, people have brought that up. Including the families of the victims. 

Fuck that’s disgusting. To think someone trying to make such pain and suffering into edgy entertainment. What assholes we all are?

So no Season 2 huh?

What are you talking about? Dahmer in Space is going to blow your motherfxxking minds!

Dahmer in Space is due in 2024.