HOLLYWOOD- Wizard Ron Weasley is to star in the new TV spin-off Snatch.

Based on the Guy Ritchie movie from 2000, Snatch stars Ron Weasley as a petty criminal in London underworld. The Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY spoke to him. We asked how much magic we could expect to see?

None. No magic. Unless of course the magic of great storytelling.

No we meant the magic of spells and flying cars.

Ah, no. There’ll be no flying cars or wands, or potions. This is something else. That’s what appealed to me actually. I wanted to move in a totally different direction. I love the original and I love the mix of gritty realism and comedy.

Will you play Quidditch?

NO! For fuck’s sake, no.

Really Ron.

My name isn’t Ron. It’s Rupert. My name is Rupert Grint.

Of course it is.

Stop winking it really is.

So a new crime drama. Tell us the story.

Okay. Well, I’m a small time crook and we’re scratching a living, but when we end up with a truck load of golden bullion, it catapults us into the big league and we have to fight for our lives.

It sounds shit.

Snatch will be broadcast in 2017.