HOLLYWOOD – Ron Perlman has confirmed he will play Tom Waits in the long awaited David Lynch biopic of the singer/songwriter Raindog Trombone.

The Hellboy actor Ron Perlman said that he’s looked up to Tom Waits as a hero. And the opportunity to work with Lynch was ‘something every actor dreams of.’

Based on Barney Hoskins’ biography The Low Side of the Road, the script kicked around development hell for sometime, with various directors from Walter Salles to Martin Scorsese attached.

Lynch came on-board only after the subject of the biopic made the request himself in a beautifully written letter which read:

Dear David,

My name’s Tom Waits. I kinda hope you heard of me, heh heh. Yeah, ahem, I know, I know. You must get letters of this kind all the time, but let me be clear, I ain’t gonna grouse or grovel, gravel and chickens and an ol’ 45 as a plate outside the window fills with rain… They’re tryin’ to get a movie made, of crows breaking black against a low November sky. And I’d sure appreciate it, that is, if’n you’d put your hands to the helm and try and get this rickety ol’ ship of a project off of the blunt rocks. Before the scarecrows attack with their penknives and tattoos of weeping clowns. I’ll pay you five gallons of petrol and a valentine nailed to the forehead of the last lawyer you loved.

Yours in a nightmare’s gown,

T. Waits

And David Lynch’s reply read:

Dear Tom,
Cut the bullshit and tell me how much I’m going to get paid.
Best Wishes

Raindog Trombones is due to start filming at three o’clock tomorrow morning.


The new Hellboy film has already run into trouble with news that David Harbour has been cast as the lead character. 

Mike Mignola’s graphic novel Hellboy is to have another iteration, but David Harbour’s casting is causing a stir. Jacerhod Fant-Pants spoke with teh Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

“It’s Hellboy, not HellMan!? Harbour is a good actor. I like him in Stranger Things but he’s 43 years old. For crying out loud!”

But Ron Perlman was that old if not older when he appeared in the first Hellboy.

“Well, that’s shit too.” 

HellBoy will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman has been chosen by Jon Favreau to star in his live action adaptation of The Lion King.

It’s the circle of life, every item has started with reporting this news, including this one, as Jon Favreau begins to firm up his plans to make The Lion King live action motion picture. Following a suggestion by the Studio Exec, Jon Favreau has confirmed that Ron Perlman will indeed be playing Mufasa, the father of Simba. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Eexec, Favreau had this to say:

I’ve always admired Ron as an actor. He’s a talent who has great presence but at the same time manages to vanish completely into the character. As soon as I saw your tweet I thought, ‘Wow! that’s a great idea’ and I got him on the phone. I asked him if he still had his make up from Beauty and the Beast. He said he did and the deal was done.

As for the rest of the cast, Christopher Walken and Bill Murray are set to return from working with Favreau on The Jungle Book to take the parts of Pumba and Timon.

The Lion King will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – Continuing our popular series, Desert Island Police Academy in which we ask celebrities which Police Academy they’d take to a Desert Island.

This week, Into the Woods and Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick chooses her Desert Island Police Academy.

So Anna Kendrick what’s it going to be?

I know this is controversial but I am going with the final film in the franchise, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

What the…?

I know, I know. It’s not the one you were expecting right, but for me it is the most interesting.

Why on God’s green earth…?

Well, I tihnk that they had fully realized the characters. They were able to build on the characters from the first films and Michael Winslow is particularly good. Without Guttenberg, many will feel his absence, but at this stage Guttenberg was almost too big. A mammoth comic talent that no film cvould contain, which is probably why he selflessly chose to appear in less and less work from thgis point on. Also we have Ron Perlman as the Russian heavy and Christopher Lee as the head of the Russian police. You have to remember also the political significance. Filmed in 1993, this was the first American comedy to be filmed in the former Soviet Union and went some way to dissolving tensions between the two former superpowers and adversaries. It was also a huge commercial hit, making almost $127,000.

Wow, that’s not much.

Isn’t it? Well, who cares? You can’t put a price on comedy genius and Police Academy Mission to Moscow is just that.

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