Star Wars stand alone Rogue One gets a sequel. 

If you thought we’d seen the last of Jyn Erso, K2 and Cassian Andor, think again! Rogue One – the first Star Wars Story anthology film – is to get a sequel by popular demand. Felicity Jones who played the plucky rebel Jyn Erso in the original explained to The Studio Exec – in an EXCLUSIVE interview – the news. 

So Felicity, Rogue Two?

Yes, we’re so excited. No one more so than me. At the end of Rogue One, without giving anything away, we thought, that’s it. There really isn’t much we can do after that. But then Gareth Edwards came back to us with this new story and before you know it we were back on the roller-coaster ride once more. 

But you all died in Rogue One?



It’s okay. I imagine everyone has seen it by now. Yes, that was the reason why we all thought there wouldn’t be a sequel, but then Gareth saw City Slickers 2 and was really impressed with the way that film seamlessly managed to write Jack Palance into the movie even though he was killed in the first. 

But didn’t they just use a weak twin brother plot?

Exactly. So I play Fyn Erso, Jyn’s twin sister, who gets together with Rope Andor, Cassian’s twin brother, played again by Diego Luna and with the help of K2-2, they go in search of Miles Krennic, played by Ben Mendelshon, Krennic’s twin brother.

Isn’t that too many twins?

The Skywalkers are twins, so I guess Star Wars is just a twins friendly environment


The twist is that Miles Krennic’s twin brother is actually really cool. But I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice it to say we all team up and head off to steal the plans to the Death Star 2, thus setting up the end of Return of the Jedi.

Rogue Two will be in theatres 2022.


HOLLYWOOD – Stand alone Star Wars movie Star Wars: Porkins Begins today confirmed Kevin James would star as Red 6 and the first synopsis was revealed.

Due for release after The Force Awakens and Rogue One, Star Wars: Porkins Begins will star Kevin James as Jek Tono Porkins, the man who said he could hold it, but tragically couldn’t, during the battle of the Death Star. It will be directed by Frank Coraci.

Also the Studio Exec can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the full official synopsis of the new stand alone Star Wars film:

Star Wars: Porkins Begins traces the early history of Jek Tono Porkins, an easy going commercial pilot from planet Bestine IV. He teaches the young ones pod racing and has an adoring young girlfriend. But when Tin Fanu, a sworn enemy and Imperial stooge, takes over the local pod racing little league, Porkins must step up and fulfil his destiny. He trains his disadvantaged youngsters and beats Fanu in a one on one race to save the Community Center from financial disaster.

Star Wars: Porkins Begins sees the birth of a Star Wars legend, from humble beginnings in an out of the way system, to the man who will sacrifice his life on the attack of the Death Star. Porkins is a role model and the hero next door, but from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Kevin James spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the role:

Pumped. When I went to see Star Wars in 1977, I didn’t feel Luke Skywalker represented me. I dreamed of being Han Solo, but that wasn’t me either. No I was Porkins. The fat kid who explodes! This film will give us the opportunity to find out who Porkins really lived. How he became a hero. This is for all the other kids out there who think they maybe can’t achieve their goals because of body issues.

The film is believed to be part of a new trilogy which will end where the first Star Wars: Episode IV concludes.

Star Wars: Porkins Begins will be released in 2019. 

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HOTH – The Galactic Empire revealed today their greatest enemy: well-spoken English girls.

An insider from the Galactic Empire today revealed that posh sounding English girls terrify it. The anonymous source told the Studio Exec:

Ever since Princess Leia, we’ve been worried by English girls with glass cut accents. But the situation worsens with every year. Rebels who are stone cold killer, smugglers, bounty hunters, Jedi Knights, these guys we can handle. But Jesus, these girls and those accents. Jyn totally screws us up, Leia gets the plans to the Death Star and Rey carries on the tradition. All these years we’ve been thinking it’d be the Wookies would do us in. But it was always going to be the girls.

What are you going to do about it?

I don’t know. Hope Keira Knightley stays quiet.

Rogue One is in cinemas.


REVIEW – ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY – Mrs Stephen Hawking takes to divorce quite well, all things considered.

Okay so if we are going to have an annual Star Wars movie, do we want them to be good so they’ll continue forever, or crash and burn so we can start on some new myths? Well, looks like we’re going to be getting a few decades of dad’s nostalgia at least. Rogue One is pretty good stuff. It’s Battle Beyond the Stars meets the Dirty Dozen.

Felicity Jones plays Jin, a young girl whose Albert Speerish father (Mads Mikkelsen, who’d I’d watch play ping-pong) is kidnapped by Ben Mendelsohn’s Orson Krennic. Jump disconcertingly forward in time and Jin is being rescued from prison by rebels who are searching for her father via Forest Whitaker.

But this is all kind of a jumble and the scissor cuts and inserts of re-shoots are most evident in the clumsy first act. But once the gang start to gather an unlikely bunch of heroes to partake in a suicide mission, things begin to work very well indeed. Jin is joined by a sarcastic robot, Riz Ahmed as a renegade pilot, a Mexican dude (Diego Luna), a blind monk of the force (Donnie Yen) and a dude with a gun. Gareth Edwards handles the action well, and – despite the Empire’s penchant for sloppy switch location – the action is both exciting and weirdly moving.

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WASHINGTON – Empire issues order to review all switch locations.

The Galactic Empire has announced that it is to review how it locates its switches at all major facilities, following a recent attack on the planet of Scarif. The Grand Moff Tarkin spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec via hologram:

It’s obvious that following the last incursion by the rebel scum that we are making it far too easy for them. The attack on Scarif was facilitated by what can only be described as a random distribution of important switches and control panels around the main base. Some of them were even outside armored bunkers. When surely inside would have been a better option. We’ve tried putting some vital controls on the end of gantries high above the ground, hoping that any rebel might get dizzy but to be honest they seem to enjoy the challenge. Still, I’m confident we’ll overcome them.

On another note, how do you feel about your CGI enhancements?

It’s becoming quite a club, isn’t it? Tron’s Jeff Bridges, the young Arnold Terminator, the dead-eyed children of Polar Express, we’ve all been Zemeckised! I can’t say I’m over the moon. But that isn’t a moon anyway. It’s a space station.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story out now.



HOLLYWOOD – Disney announce they are cancelling the release of Star Wars Anthology story, following the threat of a boycott from Donald Trump supporters.

The release of Star Wars Rogue One has been indefinitely delayed in response to the boycott launched by Donald Trump supporters. The #DumpStarWars hashtag was trending on Twitter. This followed the rumor the ending of the film had been reshot to include criticism of President Elect Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for Disney told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

First, we had a meeting at Disney HQ and decided there really wasn’t any point putting the film out. We don’t want to upset anyone who sides with the people building the Death Star. I mean it hardly seems worth it, does it?

Donald Trump tweeted that everything was ‘SAD’.

Star Wars Rogue One won’t be released.


HOLLYWOOD – If you want a ticket for Star Wars: Rogue One, you better start eating chocolate.

Controversially, the tickets for the new Star Wars Anthology movie, Rogue One, will only be made available hidden in chocolate bars. No one knows which brand of chocolate bar will hide the ‘golden tickets’, but there will be no other way of gaining admission accept to find the tickets so get eating!

A spokesperson for Disney explained the ticketing strategy:

We lost Gene Wilder this year. So, here at Disney we were trying to think of a fitting way of paying tribute. We decided we would re-enact a part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Strangely for us, we hadn’t worked out a specific marketing deal with some confectionery company so late at night we went into all of them and hid all the tickets. If you’re diabetic or don’t like chocolate, I guess you can get the Blu-Ray.

Already a fat German boy, a spoiled brat and a boy who calls himself Mike TV have found tickets.

Rogue One is in cinemas later this month.


HOLLYWOOD – The new Star Wars anthology film Rogue One released a trailer, but fans were shocked that there was no appearance of Darth Vader.

The release of Star Wars: Rogue One in December is possibly the most widely anticipated movie of the Winter. And the release of a new trailer was greeted at first with excitement and anticipation. The Studio Exec sat down in front of the computer to scrutinize the new trailer and was left aghast:

There’s no Darth Vader, no Death Star, no Stormtroopers, no one mentions the Force or talks about the rebellion. It’s a complete failure. It’s just the guy from Whiplash, boxing and pretending to be Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby. It’s a complete joke. Gareth Edwards has totally dropped the ball on this one. It’s bullshit.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released in December.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the trailer from Rogue One what do we know so far about the new Star Wars story?

We sent the Studio Exec FACT squad deep into the forest planet of Endor to bring us their best Rogue One FACTS. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

1 It seems to have something to do with Star Wars, but there’s still no sign of Captain Kirk.

2 There’s a girl in it. Yeah. A. Girl!

3 Darth Vader will appear in the new film but will perhaps be turned to the good side of the Force before quickly switching back to the dark side right at the end.

4 Ben Mendelson is cast against type playing the honorable and heroic…. nah we’re shitting you. He’s a villain again.

5 Forest Whitaker needs a lozenge.



HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars Rogue One is to have reshoots this Summer and the Studio Exec has received a copy of the notes that are to guide the director and his crew.

The Studio Exec has received a copy of the production notes that were given by top Disney Executives to Gareth Edwards, the director of the first Star Wars spin off movie Rogue One, as he heads back onto location and to the studio for some reshoots. Here they are in full.

FAO: Gareth Edwards.

RE: RESHOOTS – “STAR WARS ROGUE ONE”                                             May 25th, 2016

MEMO following screening attended by DL & ST & RR. This document is to serve as a record of the ensuing conversation between Disney Execs and an initial guide for the reshoots. 

DL: First thing to do is obviously congratulate Gareth on the film. There are problems and more of these anon, but the film itself is a great piece of film making and something to be proud of. 

ST: Absolutely. 

RR: The problem is tone and fortunately this is something the reshoots should be able to redress without too much expense in money or time. So let’s get down to brass tacks. I think we need to lose the singing and dancing.

ST: Totally agree. The singing and dancing must go. I mean they’re great in themselves but they don’t really fit in with the overall thematic tone of the STAR WARS universe.

DL: We had the Cantina scene in NEW HOPE…

ST: Yeah, but that was like three minutes. Here we have seven separate song and dance routines, none of which are really moving the story forward.  

RR: I could live with the music if it was at least original, but they’re all songs from the 1980s and most of them are by Lionel Richie. 

DL: Hello, Dancing on the Ceiling…

RR: Sweet Dreams is by the Eurythmics I think.

ST: But the point is still valid. Where in the STAR WARS universe do the Eurythmics even exist? 

DL: But that leaves us with a fifty minute movie. So we’re going to need some filler. We’ve talked about having the Gungans turn up and do something else but I think we already got burned on that before so maybe we should avoid it. 

ST: Can we talk about the violence?

RR: It is too violent. Too gory. That scene in the torture cell with Mads Mikklesen. I wanted to go home and take a bath after I watched that. It was like something out of an Eli Roth film. I don’t know those Gungans are looking pretty good now.

ST: We really need young Han Solo.

DL: It doesn’t make any sense. Young Han Solo is literally a couple of weeks younger than the Han Solo we see in New Hope.

RR: Then it’s Gungans. It has to be Gungans.

ST: Gungans it is then.

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HOLLYWOOD – The new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One has hit the internets and we have learned five FACTS and five FACTS alone.

Many Bothans died so that they could bring you these FACTS:

1. Aggravated assault is a crime a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

2. Ben Mendelsohn is playing Ian McEwan in the X-Men movies. Felicity Jones is playing Katniss Ever-rebel. Forest Whitaker is playing Grumpy Grump-Face.

3. The Butler from the White House is a really pessimistic soldier. ‘What will you do when they catch you? What will you do when they break you?’ Jesus Christ! Nice pep talk Bird. How about don’t get caught? How about: kick some ass out there? Do some aggravated assault!?

4. Even though this is a prequel, the word prequel has become so toxic in the Star Wars marketing universe that it has been replaced by the much more exciting word ‘story’.

5.  There is another Death Star! Okay, I know it’s a prequel… sorry, a story, a story. I mean a story. But I do hope this is the last time we see the Death Star or the Star Killer or whatever else. I mean they surely won’t make another one will they? The insurance premiums alone…!

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HOLLYWOOD – Former Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen will not only appear in Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens, but will also star in spin off movie Rogue One.

Hayden Christensen – the star of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith – will appear in Gareth Edwards’ anthology Star Wars movie Rogue One, it was revealed today. Although very little is known about the movie, beyond the basic concept, Hayden Christensen’s participation came as a complete surprise.  Hayden Christensen will join the cast which includes Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn and Diego Luna in a space opera epic which relates the stealing of the plans of the Empire’s new planet destroying battle station: the Death Star.

The Studio Exec had the opportunity to talk to Gareth Edwards at the bathrooms of the Disney D23 conference at Anaheim this weekend.

The Godzilla director said:

Morning one, Hayden turns up and says J.J. sent him. I was quite nervous but I couldn’t send him back. I mean I couldn’t risk alienating anyone. Not after what happened with Josh Trank.

Does he play Anakin Skywalker?

No. You see, there wasn’t actually a role for him, but he would just sneak into the background of the scenes and try to strangle people with his mind grip.

That can’t have been fun.

No, but in the cafeteria one day, Forest Whitaker was choking on a taco and Hayden freed his airway with a mind Heimlich maneuver. So he was very popular after that.

Hayden Christensen will also appear in The Force Awakens, as reported earlier this weekend.

Star Wars: Rogue One will be released in December, 2016.

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