HOLLYWOOD – During a Q&A session for this directorial début Lost River, Ryan Gosling was asked about a recent rumor that he had signed up to play the role of the infamous Frank-N-Furter in the upcoming remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Well, I heard that rumor too,” said a grinning Ryan Gosling:

Let’s just say that last week I spent a lot of time in stockings and suspenders and I was very comfortable. In fact I’m wearing them underneath my clothes right now.

Whether Gosling was simply teasing the audience is not yet known but a studio source has revealed that Gosling and Hugh Jackman are the only contenders for the role and both have submitted audition tapes.

“I’ve not seen Gosling’s audition tape,” said the source:

I caught a few minutes of Jackman dressed in character singing Sweet Transvestite and it was very impressive. What’s more impressive is that it was filmed in such a way that it looked like it was CCTV footage taken at an LGBT bar in the early 90s.

Daniel Day-Lewis was said to been the original choice to play the role but unfortunately he misread the script and had full gender reassignment surgery. Danielle Day-Lewis is now living in the south of France where she owns a small but profitable Pâtisserie.