HOLLYWOOD – Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel announced today that he is changing his name to Vin Hybrid.

Speaking to the Studio Exec earlier today via ‘car phone’, the artist formerly known as Vin Diesel explained his decision.

I know that I am associated with oil prices and gasoline because of my work on the Fast and Furious franchise, and people properly watch Riddick and think this guy doesn’t have much of a social conscience, but neither of those things are really me at all. I care deeply about the environment and believe we all have to do our bit to try and alleviate man made climate change. So I decided that I would change my name and get away from the idea of pollution that goes with it.

Vin Hybrid it is then.

Yeah. I pondered some alternatives. Vin Electric, Vin Solar Power and Vin Sustainable were all in the hat, but Vin Hybrid came out top.

What about my suggestion?

I’m sorry Exec. I appreciate the thought you put into it but no one is going to see a film starring Vin Wind Power.

Fast and Furiosa will be out in 2018.