HOLLYWOOD – It is no secret that Johnny Depp is a huge fan of Bruce Robinson’s 1987 cult comedy Withnail and I, but yesterday came the confirmation of a sequel, Withnail and We, which will star Depp, Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant.

Bruce Robinson spoke about the project in French cultural magazine Chapeau:

Johnny and I talked about Withnail a lot while we were shooting the shit bucket that was The Rum Diary. He could quote huge chunks of it to me. So I got to thinking what if Withnail had a rich American cousin … well, one thing led to another and Tim Burton was busy so we decided, why not? After all, I have done a lot of drugs and so my decision making isn’t what it used to be. 

The original cast are set to return in what Depp himself describes as a ‘riotous romp’. The new film is set in the 1980s when chronically unemployed and constantly drunk actor Withnail (Grant) flies to the USA to meet his long lost cousin Walther (Depp), who has just inherited a million dollars. Accompanied by &I (McGann) who is now a successful writer searching for inspiration for his new book. Unfortunately, Withnail is also the spitting image of Donnie Craxi (also Grant), infamous gangster newly turned federal informant. Mix ups occur and Depp in a self-deprecating but affectionate moment of comedy dresses up as a pirate! Depp said he was finally happy to be doing something which wasn’t a heavy character piece.

Roles like Jack Sparrow and Willie Wonka are artistically very rewarding but sometimes I just want to do something light, for my children and so Withnail and We is the perfect opportunity for this. 

Withnail & We is due in cinemas early 2016.  


HOLLYWOOD -British character actors Ray Winstone and Tom Wilkinson were arrested in the early hours of Friday morning when police found the pair battered and bloodied having apparently fought in a car park behind Barnie’s Burger Grill in West Hollywood.

Friends of the two actors immediately leaped to their defense saying that bare knuckle fights were a regular occurrence. 

Richard E. Grant, who arrived at the police station to bail out his friends, spoke to waiting reporters:

Tom and Ray are best of friends, even though they are often up for the same roles. A party isn’t a party for the Jolly Bastards if at some point Ray and Tom don’t strip down to their undies and go at it, like they were back at the illegal East End boxing clubs where they first made their reputations. The number of times I’ve had to sew Ray’s ear back on…!

However, some witnesses said the fight seemed anything but friendly. Barnie’s regular, Donna Flagrance said:

The limey began to rail at the other limey, something about why doesn’t he get on Noah’s boat and wouldn’t let up, though the other limey was getting obviously upset and started shouting something about wanting ‘The Full Monty’. Before anyone could stop them they had both stripped down to their knickers and were knocking the stuffing out of each other.  

Ray Winstone and Tom Wilkinson both refused to talk with the press but have been cautioned.