Controversial pop star Chris Brown is being lined up by Warner Brothers to play Batman in Spike Lee’s fresh new take on the popular franchise, The Black Knight.

It’s almost impossible to try and emulate Chris Nolan’s trilogy” said Lee “But by using the basic story as a template and putting a different spin on the whole Batman/Bruce Wayne saga. I think we’ve managed to create a unique script that’s going to delight and surprise.”

Lee went on to say that although he realizes Chris Brown divides opinion. Without him there would be no film.

I based my Batman on Chris he has the whole duality thing going on. On the face of it he’s a smooth soul singer but he also has this violent streak. In my version Bruce Wayne is a millionaire pop star with a crack addiction. He puts on a mask and randomly beats up anyone, old ladies, toddlers, the physically handicapped. But soon he begins to realise that he can use his rage to help people, rather than hospitalize them.

Rumored to be joining Brown inThe Black Knight is Denzel Washington as Commissioner Gordon, Chris Rock as The Joker and Brown’s on and off girlfriend Rhianna as Catwoman.

Chris and Rhianna have been practicing their fight scenes and let me tell you, they are so realistic you’d swear they were really beating each other up.

Lee also hit out at the critics who are already condemning him for not casting enough white actors in he film.

The script only calls for one white actor which is why we have Tom Hanks playing Alfred The Butler. I’m not going to apologize for that. I mean hell, Tarantino is about to start preproduction on 12 Angry Niggers but is anyone chastising him?

The Black Knight is due for release in 2014