HOLLYWOOD – Having used the ‘n-word’ on Real Time with Bill Maher, the controversial host defended himself.

Bill Maher defended himself last night having caused outrage with his use of the n-word on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher. He phoned Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY last night and raged:

This is what is wrong with these f*cking liberals. They spend all their time attacking me and no time attacking the real enemy: Arabs. I mean all this PC bullshit about how racist I am and not a word about how racist the goddamned Arabs are. And don’t get me started on the Celestials, or I guess I ought to call them Orientals these days! People say I’m racist but those assholes a) don’t know how to drive – and that’s funny because it’s true – and b) are really racist against ni… black folks.

So you think this is all about political correctness?

Absolutely. I used to have a show called Political Correctness and I got kicked off that too. Look the ‘n-word’ is only the ‘n-word’ if it ends with an ‘er’. Mine ended with an ‘a’, like rappers. And so if you’re saying only rappers can use that word then fine but I’m kind of a rapper, like Eminem or Vanilla Ice.

But don’t you think political correctness is something you spend a hell of a lot of time on. I mean this isn’t the 90s and we kinda have a fascist in the White House.

No, political correctness is worse than Trump. It goes all the way through our lives, from college gigs to one hour specials. Every facet of a comedian’s life is blighted by political correctness. I blame the Jews.

Real Time with Bill Maher broadcasts on Fridays.