HOLLYWOOD – The Exec can exclusively reveal everyone’s favorite ‘he who must not be named’ is to starring in Reginald Perrin The Movie. Ralph Fiennes has started shooting Reginald Perrin The Movie in London, with Charlie Kaufman directing. We spoke with Ralph Fiennes about the project.

Ralph, What Drew You To Reginald Perrin The Movie?

People say I look like Leonard Rossiter. That’s about it, really. Oh, and the money was good.

Was That It?

At first, yeah. But then they got Charlie on board to direct it. So it went from a low budget remake of a beloved 70s British sit-com to some kind of meta upon meta, upon meta version of Leonard Rossiter’s life. Honestly, I haven’t got Scooby Doo what’s going on now. But then Netflix came on board. So therefore the budget shot up, as did my fee. Happy fucking days innit!

Can You Tell Us Anything About The Changes From The 70s BBC Version We All Know?

I’ll try, but you know, it’s a Charlie Kaufman movie so who the fuck knows what’s going on. It’s pretty much the same up until the point Reggie fakes his own suicide. He then comes back as Leonard Rossiter and auditions for 2001: A Space Odyssey. The script then keeps changing between Reggie’s and Leonard’s lives. They both judge each other with a melancholic, self-referencing, self-loathing irony. You know, standard Charlie Kaufman stuff. Everyone drifts away until it’s just them, sat in a room staring at each other as they discuss the merits of the Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais so-called comedy, Water. That was Leonard’s last film. I think Michael Caine has agreed to play himself.


Hey, you said it man. Nobody f- oh wait. Hang on, that’s the Coens, not Kaufman. My apologies. Wrong meta gag. Can you tell me what’s real please? I’m getting tired of Charlie’s shit.

Reginald Perrin The Movie Is Due Out Next Year


NEW YORK – The New York Times publishes profile of Schindler’s List Nazi Amon Goth.

You might remember Amon Goth as the Nazi played so memorably by Ralph Fiennes in the 1993 film Schindler’s List. Today, The New York Time published a profile of the old Nazi. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE extract from the piece:

Amon smiles gently as we meet at Starbucks. ‘I’d kill for the caramel latte,’ he says in his lovely Austrian accent, chuckling with avuncular charm. ‘And I’m not just talking about Jews.’ He gazes wistfully out of the window. ‘You see I feel that I’ve not had a fair shake of the stick,’ Herr Goth smiles, apologetically. ‘Spielberg and his cronies made me out to be a complete monster. But really I’m a complete pussy cat. By the way I have lots of pussy cats.’

And it’s true. When we visit him in his small villa, he introduces me to Kitler, Nietszche and Bobbins three adorable kittens. ‘The whole Nazi thing was overblown by the media,’ Herr Goth says. ‘We were really angry about affirmative action and there was this group that everyone’s forgotten about called Hebrew Lives Matter. It was this kind of provocation that led us to some very mild genociding.’

Herr Goth started life as a drummer for a shoe-gazing alternative rock band very much in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel. He soon found himself in the Austrian Libertarian Movement before joining the National Socialists and running a concentration camp in which he frequently summarily murdered inmates. ‘Yes, there was killing, but you have to understand that it was done with irony. Like Seinfeld. You know Seinfeld? The jew?’

Amon Goth is a complicated man, not simply a monstrous Nazi. Yes, he was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands, but he also likes kittens and sitcoms from the 90s.

Amon Goth: the Nazi with a Snood will be available from all good book shops.


HOLLYWOOD – Joseph Fiennes is to play Michael Jackson in a new film based on the King of Pop’s life and the Studio Exec has got an EXCLUSIVE first look.

Joseph Fiennes’ new film is a Thriller: it’s Bad! It’s Off the Wall! It’s Captain Eo!!!! The Shakespeare in Love star is to play King of Pop Michael Jackson in a new film and in order to prepare for the role the English actor and brother of Ralph Fiennes has gone into the recording studio and recorded a track for track tribute album of Jackson’s best selling album Bad. Fiennes popped into the Studio Exec NeverNever Land compound to talk about his approach the iconic role:

No one was more surprised than me when I landed the role and I understood that many would think it should have gone to a black actor. However, all those arguments aside, I want to do the best job that I can. Just as I did in Killing Me Softly with Heather Graham. And everyone remembers how well that turned out!

So what’s your approach?

I want to completely absorb myself in the role. So first thing I did after I put the phone down was to write all the songs for the album Bad. Then the next morning, I got up early watched a Macaulay Culkin video and went straight to the studio to record my version of that amazing album.


I know. I was surprised at how quick it took. I mean I played the instruments as well, but I was done by lunch time. I must admit I lost some admiration for the man. Tomorrow I’m doing Thriller and the week after that we’re on tour.

When’s the film due out?

Film? Oh, God I forgot we had to do a film as well! Okay. Yeah they’ll phone me. But the most important thing is I immerse myself in the character. The album will come out next week and I’m doing a Pepsi commercial Tuesday.

Joseph Fiennes’ Bad will be released in 2017.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.



HOLLYWOOD – American Sniper director Clint Eastwood has been accused of being a Nazi after photographs of the young Clint dressed in a Wehrmacht uniform leaked onto the net.

The furor is only likely to add fuel to the fire of controversy currently raging around the octogenarian’s latest film and Oscar hopeful American Sniper which tells the story of a sniper who is American, but not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Documentarian and Fox News expert Michael Moore told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Clint’s films have often played with right wing ideology. Dirty Harry was called a fascist by Pauline Kael among others, and although the original film retained some ambiguity, the later manifestations were more straightforwardly right wing fantasies. Now what these photographs apparently show is Clint Eastwood dressed as a German soldier circa 1943. In other words at the height of the Nazi Reich’s power. And from this draw what you may.

However, supporters of the Every Which Way But Loose star said that the photographs actually come from a film called Where Eagles Dare, in which Clint ‘played’ a Nazi. Moore was having none of it.

That’s just hair-splitting. Whether he was a Nazi or he played a Nazi in a film the important thing surely is that the word Nazi and the words Clint Eastwood have appeared in a sentence together. And that has to be worth something. I mean, where there’s smoke, surely there has to be fire?

But surely lots of actors have played Nazis, Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Fiennes, Max Von Sydow, Tom Cruise and Christoph Waltz have all donned the uniform.

It only goes to show how bad the problem is.

Clint Eastwood has so far refused to comment, as he was busy working on his new film Triumph of the American Will. 


HOLLYWOOD – Pop star, VMA host and general hard twerker Miley Cyrus is to perform the theme song for the 24th Bond film Spectre, starring Daniel Craig.

Entitled You Didn’t Ex-SPECTRE, the music is by Thomas Newman who is also scoring the picture and the lyrics are by Miley Cyrus herself. It is the first Bond song she has done though she has been covering Octopussy in her live shows, even though there was never actually a song called Octopussy.

James Bond expert Michael Stevens told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

This is a great choice. Miley is young and fresh and controversial. She will bring a whole new demographic to the James Bond universe and her iconoclastic gutsy attitude chimes perfectly with 007.

The video, which is currently being shot, is to be directed by Joseph Kahn and will feature the main members of the Spectre cast – Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Belucci and Ralph Fiennes – twerking with the former Hannah Montana.

Spectre will be released in October and Don’t Ex-SPECTRE should be released in the coming weeks.



HOLLYWOOD – The first look at new 007 James Bond Christoph Waltz arrived today in the new Spectre trailer.

The 24th Bond outing features Christoph Waltz as James Bond, Léa Seydoux as beautiful but deadly Bond girl Goldie Hawn, Naomie Harris as Miss Moneyeuro and Ben Whishaw as Q.  Monica Bellucci plays Italian lady and Ralph Fiennes plays Judi Dench.

Although there was some controversy about casting an Austrian James Bond Christoph Waltz himself was relaxed about the challenge:

James Bond has been Scottish, Welsh and Irish. Even Australian! Why not Austrian? After all it’s just a shorter version of Australian, ha ha ha ha!

Studio Exec remains the only film site to EXCLUSIVELY reveal the news of Christoph Waltz’s casting (CLICK HERE), while others continue to speculate that the Inglourious Basterds star is actually playing Bond’s arch-enemy Blofeld. This makes absolutely no sense as Daniel Craig is obviously playing the villain with his cold eyes and weird ears.

Spectre will be released in October, 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Shakespeare in Love actor Joseph Fiennes has been found at the bottom of a deep hole in Cornwall, England.

The shaken actor was rescued yesterday afternoon when Alan and Mavis Petersen, walking their border collie Deridda, heard cries for help coming from a hole near the path. It is believed that Fiennes must have fallen down the hole sometime shortly after shooting FlashForward. His agent spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

This is a real relief. I’ve been trying to contact Joseph for years. Literally years. I thought he was mad because it was me that persuaded him to do Killing Me Softly, but all this time he’s been down the hole in Cornwall. It comes, I have to say, as a relief. Now we can finally start looking at those offers for Shakespeare in Love Again that we’ve been getting. Or at least got ten years ago.

How is Joseph?

He’s fine. Obviously he’s lost weight and he’s a little bit deranged. At first there was this preternatural calm but then he learned that Ralph Fiennes (Joseph’s brother) got a role in the Harry Potter films and he went ballistic.

Still rivals, huh?

Apparently when he was in the hole, Joseph made a model of his brother out of pebbles and twigs and mud, meticulous and perfect in every detail, just so that he could kick it in the head.


I know.

But there’s one thing that confuses me. If Joseph Fiennes has been stuck down this hole for five years or more, how come he was in American Horror Story recently?

This stings a bit because he didn’t come to me, but apparently some of his old FlashForward pals knew where Joseph was all along and they’d come and collect him from hole via a helicopter and a winch, He’d shoot his scenes and then they’d put him back in the hole where he would give Ralph a healthy thrashing and resume his rocking back and forth and keening.

What’s next for Joseph?

Appropriately enough he’s doing a film called Risen, about the resurrection of Jesus. Kevin Reynolds of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Waterworld fame is on the job. So we’re all very excited.

Risen will be released 2018.


Finally, Warner Bros have announced that cameras are almost ready to roll on the long awaited Casablanca sequel provisionally entitled You Again! Hugh Jackman plays Rick Blaine and Kate Winslet takes on the role of Ilsa Lundt made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and directed by Brett Ratner who has put on hold his long awaited remake of Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy to concentrate on following up one of the most loved films of all time.
 Kate Winslet said that the idea first came about when she was shooting Movie 43 with her co-star Jackman:

Wolverine and I have been friends since the year dot. And when we were making Movie 43 one of the Farrelley brothers said the chemistry was great and we should think about taking on the great romantic roles of Ilsa and Rick. Straight away we thought it was a genius idea. Everyone agreed, laughing hysterically to show their enthusiasm. 

Ratner was keeping his cards close to his chest, but he said that the story picks up a few years after the events shown in the original film. Wiping mayonnaise of his chin, he said:

Rick is working in Europe as a contract killer, but when his last job goes wrong and he accidentally kills the pope he flees to the States where he unwittingly buys a zoo and guess who applies for a job in the lizard house? No seriously guess! Okay, I’ll tell you, Ilsa Lundt! So they have this zoo and its funny but Major Strasser’s brother played by Ralph Fiennes is a big game hunter and he relaxes by going around zoos killing the giraffes. I don’t want to say anymore because I might give something away. The important thing is – as you can tell – it is in the spirit of the original.

Filming has already begun.


NEW YORK – Wes Anderson in possible quirk overdose.

The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom director, Wes Anderson was rushed to the Cedar Pines intensive care unit on Long Island in the early hours of Sunday morning, suffering from an overdose of quirk.

Anderson had apparently been working on his new film The Grand Budapest Hotel which stars Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Soairse Ronan, F. Murray Abraham, Bob Balaban, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray, as a sadly hilarious figure.

Production Assistant Jennifer Tulls witnessed the director’s collapse:

We were filming a cross section of the hotel and in every room one of the characters is doing something unexpectedly weird and at the same time wryly amusing: someone’s painting Shetland ponies with blue stripes, Willem Dafoe is wearing a monocle and teaching Polish children the flute, someone else is making a pyramid of champagne glasses and Bill Murray is being a sadly hilarious figure. All of a sudden Wes just kind of started to vibrate.  

Bill Murray earlier today

The Syd Barrett song that was playing on the soundtrack was switched off and Mr. Anderson was briefly exposed to a newspaper, detailing growing tensions between Israel and Syria. ‘He seemed to be coming round but then Tilda Swinton leant over to ask how he was and he keeled over again,’ Ms. Tulls said.
The hospital issued a statement saying that:

Mr. Anderson is recovering from levels of quirkiness well above the maximum that the human body can tolerate. It is apparent that he has been taking a very high dosage for a sustained period of time. However, he is young and strong and should be able to make a full recovery provided he relents from people talking directly to camera, stories within stories, a mix tape soundtrack and Bill Murray playing a sadly hilarious character.

The French Dispatch out soon.


NEW YORK – Ralph Fiennes today confessed exclusively to Studio Exec that his acting career almost ended with the 2002 romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez.

‘Every actor has an ambition to aim for the best,’ said Fiennes, scratching his trademark chin.

Challenges they wish to overcome, levels they wish to achieve. When I made Schindler’s List I achieved one of those ambitions, but when I finished Maid in Manhattan with Jenny Lopez I was just spent. I said “I’m done: I will never be better than that. Why go on?”

In the film Fiennes plays Christopher Marshall, a senator who mistakes Jennifer Lopez’s working class hotel maid for a high class socialite. The comedy of errors threatens to wreck his career but also leads him to understand that love knows no boundaries of social class.

‘It’s classic Marxism, when you think about it and that was John [Hughes]’s genius,’ said Ralph. ‘After we wrapped and we watched the film Wayne [Wang] came up to me and said “You just destroyed the whole idea of acting and then rebuilt it like a robot phoenix”. Jenny was weeping. She said she was never going to act again. And you know she didn’t.’

After a break of a couple of years, Fiennes returned to the screen. ‘I knew I would never ever get to that summit once more,’ he laughed and smiled. ‘But to have been there even once is an honor.’