HOLLYWOOD – ‘Actor’ Michael Cera has released a surprise album of classic punk songs, featuring gentle,¬†folk-like reinterpretations of songs by The Dead Kennedys, Henry Rollins¬†and The Buzzcocks.

Music critic Harley Dentistson gave his verdict on the former Arrested Development star EXCLUSIVELY for the Studio Exec:

This collection of ten songs by Cera is something of a revelation. He begins with a sweet rendition of Orgasm Addict by The Buzzcocks which sets the subversive tone before going onto explore some of the more obscure alleyways of the early Eighties punk scene via Wire (I am the Fly) and The Damned (New Rose) and Fight War, Not Wars by Crass. The highlight for me though is Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys, which Cera imbues with a fragile humor and beauty, his delicate voice singing ‘Right Guard won’t help you here’ is enough to want to wrap him in soft blankets and feed him mushed bananas. Pol Pot indeed.

Cera himself has stated that his love of classic punk should be seen as an antidote to the weakness of his acting.

I find in punk an energy that I don’t find in life. I love listening to those old bands that were fueled by anger and rage and amphetamines. The only way I can live with myself for producing such dross as Juno and Scott Pilgrim is to come home and listen to Scraping Foetus of the Wheel.

Michael Cera’s PUNK is available to download right now.