The Queen – Top Five Films

Exclusive – The Queen – Top Five Films. The Studio Exec sat down with Liz Regina to talk about her love of movies, revealing The Queen’s top Five Films. 

The Queen – Top Five Films – 1: Flesh Gordon

“I told that mouthy sod, Brian Blessed that I loved Flesh Gordon, not Flash Gordon. Perhaps he would’ve heard me if he could keep his mouth shut for longer than a second. Why would he think I’d like a film about an out of date monarch who is overthrown by his subjects and a bloody asylum seeker? I’ve always loved 80s soft porn. So, back in the day, I would send Phillip, gawd bless him, out to the video shop down the road from Horse Guard’s Parade to rent it for me. In his name, naturally. One does have one’s reputation to maintain, you know.”

The Queen – Top Five Films – 2: 120 Days Of Sodom

“Whenever one needs cheering up or could just do with a damned good laugh, we throw this beauty on. It’s about these jolly aristocrats with a terrific sense of humor who play all sorts of pranks and jokes on these lower class youths. It’s like Jackass, but with more shit being eaten by the working classes… hilarious!”

3: The Pope Must Die

“It’s a firm family favorite, because of the title alone. After I’ve done the speech on Christmas Day, we all settle down for this hilarious fantasy. If only, eh?”

4: The Queen

“It’s all about a terrible time in one’s life when one was played by that dreadful West End bohemian, Helen Mirren. Because I didn’t shoot a stag, it means I’m really a decent person and everybody loves one.”

5: Lolita

“I never used to see what my middle son Andrew, saw in the film, but I’ve caught him watching it countless times. It must be very funny, because he always has sweat running down his big red face whenever one walks in on him watching it.”

So gawd bless her, cor blimey, watcher guv.


EXCLUSIVE – Netflix announced that they are suing Prince Andrew following Epstein interview.

Streaming giants Netflix are to sue Prince Andrew in response to his participation in a BBC Newsnight interview. During the interview, he denied all knowledge of wrongdoing and said he couldn’t sweat because his ‘royal blood didn’t allow it’. He also affirmed that because of a rare medical condition contract from a sheep in the Falklands, it became medically impossible for him to give or receive hugs. Netflix this morning announced their decision to bring legal action against the Prince. A statement read:

We have worked very hard to bring about the third season of The Crown. Poor Olivia Coleman has worked her butt off to match Claire Foy’s performance. And then the night before the show drops, Prince Andrew goes on the television and makes a complete ass of himself. It’s totally ruined the show. The royal family should be happy with the way we’re portraying them. But it doesn’t help if they hang around with kiddy fiddlers.

A spokesperson close to Buckingham Palace told the Studio Exec anonymously that after the interview aired ‘we had to peel the Queen off the ceiling’. She said:

As far as we’re concerned, this whole thing turned into a disaster. All that tosh about honourable and becoming and unbecoming. And then to make it worse, his alibi is going to Pizza Express. Who goes to Pizza Express for the love of all things holy?

Helen Mirren was unavailable for comment.

The Crown is available on Netflix.