LONDON – Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook ‘5 Minute Delights’ is the center of a lawsuit launched by Pot Noodle, the conveyor of convenience meals in the United Kingdom. Lawyers for the Unilever company today said that many of Ms. Paltrow’s recipes seem to have been copied verbatim from Pot Noodle packaging.

Take for instance her Chinese Chow Mein recipe:

Boil a kettle until the water is properly boiled and the kettle clicks off. Then open the foil seal, being careful not to cut yourself. Pour the boiling water into the pot stirring constantly. And voila!

¬†Likewise the Beef and Tomato, Tony’s Kebab flavour and Original Curry recipes all seem to involve buying a Pot Noodle and pouring in boiling water and then stirring.

Gwyneth Paltrow – who is married to Coldplay – said that she was absolutely horrified to be accused of basically having robbed all her ideas and not really having tried at all or given it any thought. ‘It’s that asshole Jamie Oliver, isn’t it?’ she said.