HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight premiered last night without the police protest that had been threatened.

Following Quentin Tarantino’s comments at a rally in Brooklyn, New York, police unions in New York and then nationally had threatened a boycott of his new movie – The Hateful Eight – as part of their response. However, the protest didn’t materialize as the police were too busy abusing their powers, gunning people down in the street and otherwise creating mayhem to turn up outside the theater and wave some placards around. The premiere which took place Monday night at the┬áCinerama Dome in Hollywood passed relatively peacefully – not so much on screen though obviously.

A spokesperson for the Police told the Studio Exec:

Of course we were angry about Mr. Tarantino’s comments. A lot of his films are actually great and he has a lot of fans who are cops. You should listen to us all quoting Vincent or yukking it up over that Madonna monologue from Dogs. So we felt betrayed when he talked about how we were murders and all that stuff.

So why didn’t you protest?

Listen, those unarmed individuals ain’t going to shoot themselves. We got a job to do.

I see.

Also there might have been a situation. You would have had a protest but then you would have also have had to have police polcing the protest and we’re not to keen on protesters. So we would’ve been forced to do something about that and we wouldn’t have been gentle.

The Hateful Eight is in theaters on Christmas Day.