HOLLYWOOD- Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey are to appear together in a new film that will explore their new gritty unglamorous down and dirty non-romantic comedy roles: Gritty Mud.

The new film – which will be released prior to the 2016 Oscars – tells the story of two down and out drug addicts terminally ill poor people seeking to recover from their personal issues by being dirty and looking thinner than usual. Reese Witherspoon spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about her role:

Grit is a beautiful human being but she is someone who has perhaps lived a life that was a little too hard. And so she stops washing and walks a lot and she is treated in a way that is really nasty and she thinks back to the time when other people treated her real nasty. And sometimes she goes weeks without doing any laundry and she never puts any make up because of you know issues and Oscars and stuff.

How do you and Matthew prepare for the role?

Well, Matthew has a real interesting process. He studies himself from three years into the future, because that’s his hero sort of. And then his future self tells him who wins the Oscar in the next two or three Oscars and he aims to make those predictions come true. He was really homophobic in Dallas Buyers Club so he was a bit racist in this one. And I decided that for my character, I would hate people with red hair, because that is like racism but for hair.

And you both look physically different. How did you achieve that?

We both did the Steam Diet.

The Steam Diet?

Yeah you just eat … you know … steam. Buckets and buckets of steam. And I don’t put my make up on so I look different because of that. And then of course we’re really dirty. It ain’t Pleasantsville if you know what I mean.

Gritty Mud will be released OSCARS.