HOLLYWOOD – Samuel L. Jackson will play the role of Prince Charles in a forthcoming film.

Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson will play Prince Charles in a new film about the British royal. Scripted by Peter Morgan, The Mutha f’King tells the story of Prince Charles ascension to the throne, following the abdication of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. The role was initially to go to Colin Firth, but Jackson approached the director promising to do the film for free.

Jackson spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I’m sick of young British actors coming over to the States and taking our roles so I decided I was going back to the old country and get some payback. You think Colin Firth is the only asshole who can do regal. I can go regal on that muthafucka, you’ll see.

Jackson recently made headlines with his assertion that black British actors were doing American roles to the detriment of young American black actors. He is currently leading an effort to reverse the trend.

Director Stephen Frears had this to say about his casting choice:

I wanted people to look at Charles in a different way. People think they know him, but in reality Charles is a very different man in private. Something Sam is able to capture is his foul language, which might come as a surprise but is totally true to the original.

Prince Charles himself said that he was ‘ecstatic’ about the prospect of seeing the film.

The Mutha f’King will be released in 2018.

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LONDON – New Netflix TV show The Crown, which purports to show the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England, was made entirely with the blood of poor people.

Based on the hit play The Audience by Peter Morgan, The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s early reign. The Hours director Stephen Daldry explained EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec the extraordinary process by which the show came to be made.

Everybody knows that the English Royal Family is extremely tied to its traditions and rituals. We wanted this show to be as authentic to their reality as it was possible for us to be and so we researched deeply and we found out that they have been sustaining themselves by regularly imbibing the red blood of the lower classes. At first when peter told me about this, I assumed it was some ghastly socialist metaphor but it turned out to be literally true and so there was nothing for it but to hire some poor people and use their blood.

You mean you drank…

Claire Foy who plays the young Elizabeth would drink about a quart a day for three months up until and during the shoot. Matt Smith, playing her Greek husband Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, mixed his with vodka. John Lithgow plays Winston Churchill and he decided that he wouldn’t partake but he was allowed to occasionally shoot a live gun at poor people as they ran away.

But isn’t this all very illegal.

That’s the thing. Because we were telling the story of the British crown we were granted a royal prerogative which basically allows you to get away with murder. And I mean that quite literally. I can put my hand on my heart and say that there is nothing in this show that could have been done if we weren’t all regularly downing huge brimming beakers of what the crew began to call ‘crimson ale’.

The Crown will premiere later in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – The first image has emerged of Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne in the lead role of his new film Chastain, a biopic based on the life of legendary Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain.

In the picture, Eddie Redmayne has quite clearly transformed himself into the very verisimilitude of the Tree of Life and Lawless actress. We spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the actor about what inspired him to take on the role:

Jessica Chastain is for all of us in the acting profession the absolute pinnacle.  It used to be Steve Guttenberg, but he hasn’t done much recently so now it’s Jessica Chastain. What people don’t know is that Jessica Chastain has been in over four hundred and sixty seven films. Don’t check that on IMDb because she often goes uncredited just blending into a crowd scenes or fetching a duellist a glass of ice water. There’s even an early appearance Jessica makes in Crimson Tide where she plays a part of the submarine. That is the commitment to the craft that I have been inspired by.

The film written by Peter Morgan and directed by Clint Eastwood follows the actress from her humble beginnings as a drama student to Hollywood and her career as the only actress to have appeared in all the films released in one calendar year, a feat she achieved in 2012.  Redmayne continues:

Of course, I’m a man and so it is a stretch for me to try and encompass Jessica both the artist and the human being. I have to get up very early and go into make up. I’m in there for at least twelve minutes. Every day. And the transformation is complete. Clint asked me if I was sure I could commit, but I just wanted him to agree to me before he saw Jupiter Ascending.

Chastain will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Ron Howard today confirmed that Meryl Streep is to star as Cameron Diaz in a new biopic based on the actress’ life entitled simply: Diaz

Scripted by Peter Morgan, the film will see an elderly Cameron Diaz looking back on her life and reminiscing about the peaks and the troughs. The writer said:

It is something of an imagined history if you like, but I find Cameron Diaz endlessly interesting, fascinating even and I think only an actress of Meryl’s calibre could take on the challenge. 

Streep confirmed that she was a lifelong fan of Cameron Diaz, claiming that the role represented a dream come true:

What Cameron did in Knight and Day, what she did in Gangs of New York, rescuing that film from the inadequacy of Day-Lewis, what she pioneered in There’s Something About Mary… I mean she lit a torch that we all followed.

 Have you spoken with Cameron Diaz about the role? 

No, I’ve researched the role obviously, but whenever I’ve played real people I’ve preferred not to meet the real person in case I end up doing something that is merely an imitation. Plus with Cameron Diaz I don’t mind admitting I’m intimidated. I mean no actress is so technically adept and so courageous. Just watch Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle! The stunts!Amazing.

And more recently The Counselor

No, she was shit in that. 

Diaz will be released in 2015.