HOLLYWOOD – Showgirls spin off to focus on Kyle MacLachlan in Zack Carey.

First Dale Cooper comes back in the new Twin Peaks. Then a new Dune is made. And now Kyle Maclachlan steps once more into the shoes of one of his most famous roles Zack Carey from Showgirls. We spoke with Kyle about the new film:

I see Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas every now and then. Restaurants and laundromats. That kind of thing. Every time we meet they talked about a Showgirls sequel. For them it felt like unfinished business, but they weren’t interested in Nomi. They wanted to do something with Zack. I didn’t take them very seriously but apparently Netflix shits money so it’s on.

What’s the story?

Story? Oh yeah. We left Zack in a state of some uncertainty. His treatment of Nomi sent him into a tail spin. He might have been an unscrupolous asshole, but he lost his job after she left and he realizes that he has lost his soul. So he goes into retreat and writes a bunch of poetry. Then he comes back to Las Vegas and finds that Crystal has become a hotel owner. He gets his old job back but this time Crystal makes him dance for her. It’s like a MeToo thing, but this time – and this is the twist that Joe and Paul are so good at – the man is the victim.

That’s erm…

I know.

Zack Carey will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Glenn Close and Sharon Stone are to star in Basic Attraction.

Whether its boiling the bunny or flashing the beaver, Sharon Stone and Glenn Close owned illicit sex in the eighties and nineties. Now they’re back with a mash up of their successful movies Fatal Attraction from 1987 and Basic Instinct from 1992. Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas explained the project to a sceptical Studio Exec:

You liked Alien? You liked Predator? Okay, so you get Alien Vs Predator and you get a movie that is twice as good as either, am I right?

Er… No. 

So we were talking me and Glenn and Sharon and we thought wouldn’t it be funny if we put Catherine Tramell and Alex in a film together and see what happens. They are both versions of female sexuality that for some reason threatened men. It’s weird. Overwhelmingly it is women who are the victims of sexual violence, but we keep making these femme fatale movies. It’s almost as if our jobs were to demonize the victims and skew the world so that the people who are responsible don’t ever have to face up to it. Anyway, they said, it’d be fun and so we’re going to do it.

Who’s directing?sharon stone

Adrian Lyne is going to do direct the first half and Paul Verhoeven is coming in to finish off.

What’s the story?

Catherine is writing a novel about Alex but Alex comes back to life and so they hunt down Michael Douglas in order to get their revenge.

So Michael Douglas is involved as well?

He doesn’t know yet. But yes he’s involved. And so are his pets.

Basic Attraction will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – Paul Verhoeven’s hit film Elle starring Isabelle Hupert is to get a US remake directed by Paul Verhoeven himself and starring Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone.

Gus Van Sant did it with Hitchcock’s Psycho. Michael Haneke did it with himself and Paul Verhoeven is set to follow. A US set English language remake of controversial rape comedy Elle is to be filmed by the director himself. Sharon Stone stars in the lead. The Starship Troopers director spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY in the Studio Exec bungalow:

We knew that this film would have some legs, but we didn’t expect it to do so well in the US. It is a French language film, dealing with a controversial subject, but once I saw the response I knew I had to remake it.

How will the US version differ?

We want to do a shot for shot remake. Of course, the setting and the cast will change but everything else will continue.

Will you tone down some of the ambiguity?

 This has always been a worry with working in the US. They don’t really get nuance, but then again I’m not really a nuanced film maker. After all, this is kind of a comedy with a rape at the centre. A lot of people thought it was ambiguous because it was in French and starred Isabelle Hupert, but we shall see how they feel now that it is in English with Sharon Stone.

Is it good to be back together again?

Sharon Stone is the only American actress who could take on this role convincingly. Or Susan Sarandon. Actually Geena Davis would have been good. And Meryl Streep obviously, but she’s booked up until the end of next decade.

She will be released in 2018.



HOLLYWOOD – Mark Wahlberg has signed on to star in a remake of Colin Farrell’s Total Recall, it was announced today.

The 2012 sci-fi action thriller Total Recall directed by Len Wiseman is to be remade starring Mark Wahlberg in the iconic role of Douglas Quaid made famous by Colin Farrell.  Based on the Philip K. Dick short story ‘We Can Remember it for you Wholesale’, the film will in fact be the third iteration of the tale, with an Arnold Schwarzenegger version released in 1990 and directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Mark Wahlberg spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about his new project.

I’ve made several remakes in the past. I made the remake of The Italian Job. Contraband was a remake. And of course I starred in perhaps the best film of my career thus far, the remake of Planet of the Apes, which many people to this day come up to me and tell me is better than the original version. So when I watched Total Recall with Colin Farrell, I felt here’s something I could do much better while finding something more original.

Why don’t you simply remake the 1990 Total Recall?

I think that I will eventually. But I would like to remake Colin Farrell’s version as the first step. And then perhaps, I could go to the 1990s well. The thing is my hope, my dream, is that someone will remake my version of Total Recall and so we begin this endless regression.

But that’s crazy. Do you really think someone is going to remake a film you’ve remade only just recently?

Ahem. Planet of the Apes.

Oh. Right. Erm. Yeah.

It doesn’t matter. Every period has its genres. Westerns in the thirties, gangster films in the forties. The new millennium it’s remakes. That’s the genre. I mean we’re doing it really cheaply. We’re going to have Len direct again and Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale will ‘reprise’ their roles. In fact, we’ll just use out takes and alternative angles when I don’t have to be in the shot. We even talked about just digitally putting my head on Colin Farrell so that would be an option. I doubt anyone will care or notice.

Total Recall will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – Actor Kyle MacLachlan – made famous by his portrayal of Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks – is still undecided on whether or not he will return to the show.

‘The  thing is I’m just not sure I can fit it in,’ the Blue Velvet actor told Studio Exec this morning.

I have Paul Verhoeven phoning every day asking me if I’ll reprise my role as Zack Carey in Showgirls 2. Oliver Stone has been harassing me to play Ray Manzarek in his follow up to The Doors, After Jim. And the Flintstones franchise looks like it’s still going  to happen and I’d love to play Clifford Vandercave once more. It’s a role that I didn’t really perfect and the opportunity to take another swing at it would be great.

But surely the opportunity to work once more with David Lynch…


David Lynch.

Oh yes. David and I worked together a few times in the past. Dune was my first break and Blue Velvet was a lot of fun. I’m never sure why we didn’t do a sequel to that. Or The Hidden. That was nasty in a good way.

But I think all your fans really want to see you as Dale Cooper?


Dale Cooper. They want you to say Damned Fine Coffee. And wax poetic about the pie. 

Really? They don’t want Clifford Vandercave or Zack Carey?

Well, now you mention it. It would be cool to see Zack Carey again.

You see? It’s a toughie!

Showgirls 2 will be released in 2016.


MISSOURI – In the light of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, lawmakers have been looking to Hollywood for solutions to the on-going crisis, and in particular to the Paul Verhoeven classic Robocop.

Law enforcement expert Dave Whitaker told Studio Exec this morning:

Lawmakers are in a double squeeze: on the one hand they are dealing with demands across communities to get tough on crime, but on the other the individuals they charge with keeping that law and order, the police in other words, are themselves biased, unfair or plain incompetent. So this is where the technology that Paul Verhoeven developed for his film Robocop would really come in handy. And I know for a fact that several prototypes which the director used in the film have been dusted off and trucked down to Missouri late last night.

But surely that is only going to make a violent situation a lot more violent?

Yes. Possibly. But what you have to remove is the idea that people are being shot on account of something as illogical as racial prejudice. Robocop would just be shooting people indiscriminately, well not indiscriminately, but you know what I mean. Plus as a machine he would also be unaware of the emotional suffering he was causing. Not to mention how neat he looks. Talk about sleek.

We’re talking about the 1987 Robocop, right?

I was unaware of any other. Except of course for the rather underwhelming sequels.

But surely Verhoeven was satirizing a fascistic streak in American fantasies of an all powerful law enforcement officer.

Yes, absolutely.

So you’re advocating fascism, essentially.

A little.

The first Robocop is due to be deployed later this evening as a purely precautionary measure.