HOLLYWOOD – Paranormal Activity 5 – which was due to be released on the 19th of October this year – has been indeinfitely put on hold after the found footage on which the film is based was inexplicably lost.

‘We went for lunch,’ explains Cat Fish director Ariel Shulman, who has contributed to the franchise already with Paranormal Activity 4. ‘And we came back and all the footage was gone.’

The Paranormal Activity team had spent six months scouring video recordings from all over America in order to find footage that could be edited into a horror film.

‘People think we make this shit up, but we find it’s actually much more easier to just look for some of this scary stuff actually happening,’ continued Henry Joost. ‘It’s cheaper as well because you know, the people are usually kinda dead.’

The police are investigating the disappearance of the footage but some close to the production have said that ‘the whole thing sounds like a publicity stunt’. One AD told the Studio Exec ‘.The truth is they drank the budget and now they have nothing to show for it. They’re gonna get so much shit for this.’

Paranormal Activity 5 is due for release in 2016