Lessy Miss. R Balls

LONDON – A special preview audience of the Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway musical Les Miserables were horrified ‘to their ass hairs’ – as one patron put it – by a hardcore sex scene that was not so much in your face as in their faces. It was soon revealed that the film was actually a hardcore porn film called Lessy Miss. R. Balls.

The incidents follows a similar one in the UK, England, where a cinema full of children, instead of being treated to the horrors of Madagascar 3 had to contend with the comedy of Paranormal Activity 4. In both cases, the cinemas have claimed that a simple glitch was responsible for the mix up. However, a source from deep within the industry – Yankel Mayer – told Studio Exec exclusively that the mix ups were the beginning of a wide spread campaign on behalf of a break off fraction of radical Godardian projectionists who had ‘watched Fight Club once too often.’

‘You’re going to see a lot more hard core and a lot more children’s films being swapped with torture porn,’ said Yankel, salivating at the thought. 
Many patrons complained after having been forced to sit through 90 minutes of orgies and hot sex. Ironically however the studio reported that the score cards were ‘the best we’ve had yet, especially for Huge Jackman’s performance.’