HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino’s tenth and final film will be a big screen version of period television drama Downton Abbey.

Julian Fellowes confirmed to day that Quentin Tarantino has agreed to direct Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture. Speaking with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY, he had this to say:

I think Quentin is a natural choice. Dialogue is important and so is a feel for period and dear Quentin has it in spades. Of course, he does want to rewrite the script a tittle but I dare say the changes will be consistent with the spirit of the show.

Tarantino is currently shooting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but is understood to already be working on the new film. A source close tot he director – Michael Madsen – told the Exec:

Quentin has always been a huge fan of the series. We’d always go round to his place and he’d show the show on 35mm, because he’d actually film it on his TV with a movie camera and then scratch the negative and then watch it. That’s how committed he is to the cinematic experience. What appeals to him is this closed world of a class system and all this underlying tension and violence. I can see myself playing Carson quite easily and I know that Uma Thurman is keen to play Lady Mary.

But what about the original cast?

Maggie Smith will be back. Of that I’m sure but Quentin likes using his people. Tim Roth will probably be a footman and Leonardo di Caprio will play Lord Crawley. That’s nailed on.

Will there be some violence?

People get this idea of Quentin as only doing violence. I think that’s not fair on the guy. He’s capable of a lot more. But yeah there’ll be some Mexican stand offs and some brutal gore.

Downton Abbey: The Final Showdown starts filming this Fall.


HOLLYWOOD – Aaron Eckhart and Ray Liotta feature in the first official image from Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The first image from the new Quentin Tarantino film – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – hit the internets and comment is rife. The film set in the late sixties stars Ray Liotta and Aaron Eckhart as infamous LA detectives Freebie (Eckhart) and the Bean (Liotta), who are tasked with solving the Charlie Manson murders. Quentin Tarantino stumbled into the Studio Exec bungalow late last night stoned out of his gourd and commenced a-blabbering. So we turned the recorder on.

It’s really basic. During the 60s everything went crazy. You could ask an actress to drive down a dangerous road, no one gave a shit. In fact they thought you were a genius. Ask William Friedkin. They didn’t know they had it so good though. And along came Charlie.

How did you get Liotta to look so young?

I loved Ray in Goodfellas and though you should never really say this to an actor, I said to him: I want young Ray. He went off to Santa Monica and drank nothing but carrot juice for a month. They call it the Eastwood diet. It worked so well I got Eckhart to do it as well. Pacino couldn’t make it. He has a carrot allergy.

What made you think of these guys?

First, I wanted Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio, but then I realized those bozos aren’t gonna cut the mustard. I need real pros. And Liotta and Eckhart are like fine wine. Pitt and Di Caprio are Mountain Dew. You get my meaning.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino’s new film – gets a new star with Al Pacino.

The first image of Al Pacino in Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood hit the internet today. Reaction was instantaneous. Twitter exploded, then Instagram and finally the grandparents on Facebook weighed in. As for the trades, Screen International said that the picture was proof that Pacino was back to his prime. ‘That’s taken from the TV movie Paterno,’ said Hollywood Reporter.

Variety wrote:

That’s not from the film. That looks like his version of Phil Spector. He did the film with Helen Mirren. I don’t think it has anything to do with the new Tarantino movie.

Tarantino’s new film stars Leonardo di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell and Kevin James. Set around the time of the Charles Manson murders, the film follows a wannabe TV actor and his stuntman as violent paranoia settles over the Hollywood hills. Reportedly, Tarantino has finished his first draft in crayon and will be doing another pass to color in the margins. But first he has to get it back from Harvey Weinstein. He told the Studio Exec earlier today:

By force of habit, I sent it straight to Harvey and now I have to get it back. Uma says she wants to read it. I hope she’s careful with it because I only have one copy and I’d hate if anything was to happen to it.

Pacino has gone deep method and will soon be arrested as a result.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – The countdown to the 91st Academy Awards (also known popularly as the Oscars) begins.

Sunday sees Jimmy Kimmel host the 90th Academy Awards but here at the Studio Exec we’re already looking forward to the next edition.

We spoke with resident Oscar expert Oscar Isaac:

The 91st edition of the Academy Awards look like being the most competitive ever. A real make or break year. Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks are joined in the acting categories by Sting and Kevin James in what has turned out to be a genuinely surprising year. The new Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might see the famed director get his hands on a Best Picture for the first time. Though some claim that his killing of Leonardo di Caprio might go against him.

He killed di Caprio?

To be fair, Quentin didn’t force him to fly that helicopter in Mexico.


Woody Allen’s collaboration with Roman Polanski – Thank God for Little Girls – was the surprise entrant in the Foreign Language category, his first French language film where it’ll compete with Michael Haneke’s Eine Kliene Nacht Musik – which translates as You Are All a Bunch of Shitting Bastards. As for Best Picture, Guillermo del Toro must certainly be in the running with his Splash reboot and George Lucas for Button Pants. There’s also bound to be the now traditional mix up at the end. Hashtag hilarious.

Thanks Oscar.

That’s fine Exec.

The Oscars are on Sunday.