Hollywood – It was revealed today that the fat body suit that Anthony Hopkins wore to make himself look similar to the girth of the famous director Alfred Hitchcock in the film Hitchcock was actually made from parts of real people.

Special effects supervisor Jonas Patterson said today: ‘Four people in total went into the making of the suit. It was a very complicated process which first involved trapping  the people, then starving them to loosen the skin up a little, then slaughter, drying, tanning and finally sewing, with Hopkins coming in for several refits.’

Animal rights group PETA congratulated the film makers for the innovative way they hadn’t hurt animals. The film’s director Sacha Gervasi praised his team for their commitment to reality:

Of course, when it comes to killing human beings – even for the purposes of making a highly entertaining movie like Hitchcock, there are going to some unavoidable unpleasantness, so what we did was play Norah Jones when we were doing the killing and everything went off without a hitch. Oh wait. Did you see what I just did there?

 Hopkins himself said that wearing the suit was quite comfortable. ‘Human flesh is actually very easy to wear, especially around the trunk, and it’s authentic because of course Ed Gein on whom Psycho was partly based also made himself a man suit, so there’s some irony there,’ said the ex-Welsh actor. ‘This is my third film involving skin-wearing psychos. Silence of the Lambs, Hitchcock of course and The Human Stain although on that film it was Nicole Kidman who wore the skin.‘