HOLLYWOOD – Critics brand Noah Baumbach’s new film Marriage Story a lie.

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson new film Marriage Story came under fire today, following the revelation that it was actually about a divorce. Xavier Poulis of the French cultural magazine Chapeau told the Studio Exec:

Why can’t they simply call it Divorce Story? It is about a divorce. The whole film, they are divorcing. And yet, Marriage Story! It’s like Noah Baumbach wants to take a huge great big shit on the English language.

It is true that much of the film concerns itself with a couple in the midst of an increasingly messy divorce. Some are finding the experience of watching the film emotionally traumatizing. One viewer we spoke to had this to say:

I wanted to go to watch a film on Netflix to make me forget about my messy divorce. In particular one very long row where I ended up punching a hole in the wall. I wanted to escape to happier times when we were first married. So I chose Marriage Story because it promised to be a portrait of a couple who are married, being married and staying married. Imagine my shock and disappointment. Not only was there barely any marriage, we had to watch all this divorce all over the place. Including a scene where Adam Driver punches a wall following a very long argument. There should be some sort of warning.

In fact a campaign to rename Marriage Story Divorce Story is currently trending on Twitter via the hash tag #RenameMarriageStoryDivorceStory

Marriage Story is on Netflix.



REVIEW – THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (NEW AND SELECTED) sees the return of Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller to comedy after a long hiatus.

Noah Baumbach’s new film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) features a stellar cast in perhaps the director’s most accomplished film since The Squid and the Whale.  Veterans Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are joined by Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller. Our occasional guest reviewer HP Lovecraft casts his eldritch eye over the new comedy of a dysfunctional family coming together to resolve their issues in a subtle and nuanced comedy.

HP Lovecraft writes:

There were too many Jews.

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HOLLYWOOD – Veteran actor Bob Balaban is to take over from Bruce Willis as perennial cop in the wrong place John McClane in Die Hard 6.

Director Noah Baumbach explained the left field casting choice when he spoke to Studio Exec earlier today:

The last Die Hard [A Good Day to Die Hard – SE] was such a colossal turd that the studio has decided to go in a radically different direction. Initially, we were looking at young upcoming action stars like Jason Statham or Chris Pine, but they made some fairly weak excuses and it was clear they thought of the franchise as pretty much done in. Then Bruce called and suggested Bob. They’d worked together on Moonrise Kingdom and got on very well. 

Bruce Willis confirmed:

I’ve always admired Bob as an actor. He has this reputation as a quiet nebbish type, but inside him there’s this inner steel that I saw instantly would look good with a machine gun, an undershirt and a flaring Uzi.

Balaban himself commented:

As an actor I’ve had a fairly wide ranging ride. From the nerdy guy in Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the nerdy guy in The Monuments Men, roles have taken me many different places, psychically and physically. Now as McClane I guess I’m going to China or somewhere in Eastern Europe and there’ll be explosions and what not. According to the script, I have retired from the police force and am now spending my time searching for antiquarian books when the terrorists strike. I hope I don’t drop my glasses.

An Interesting Thing Happened to me on the Way to the Die Hard will be released in 2016.