HOLLYWOOD – There Will Be Blood team Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis are to reunite in order to remake Rob Marshall’s 2009 musical.

The Oscar winning team that brought you one of the finest films of the millennium There Will Be Blood are once more together. Paul Thomas Anderson (often known as PT Anderson) and Daniel Day Lewis (never known as DD Lewis) are once more to make a film together.

We spoke to DD Lewis EXCLUSIVELY:

As you know Exec, it takes me a long time to choose a project and often what attracts me to the work is a combination of the material and the character and the people involved. I want to work with Spielberg and Scorsese, and PT Anderson as well fits into that.

Paul Thomas Anderson described the process of the collaboration:

We’ve been looking to make something else for a good long while after we finished There Will Be Blood, but Daniel was very clear that he had a legacy to protect. The one brown smear on what otherwise is a pretty impeccable filmography was the musical Nine which he made with Ron Marshall.

Lewis continues:

Nine was supposed to show a certain range. I wanted to be surrounded by beauty, beautiful women, style and locations. But in the end the film was a mess and the music wasn’t particularly good. It stands out like a sore thumb. So when I talked to PT about what I really wanted to do, I said I wanted to go back and do the film again but better. Get it right this time.

Paul Thomas Anderson:

I totally saw this as a challenge. Watching the film, it’s just so difficult to see how it can be rescued. It’s so superficial and glossy, but in a sense I’ve always been interested in getting under that surface and seeing how it works. I’m rewriting the script, we’re having new songs by Radiohead and Daniel is going to take on his character from a slightly new angle.

And the new angle? Daniel Day Lewis smiles:

A serial killer.

Nine: 2.0 will be released in 2018.


DUBLIN – In a bid to repair his reputation, Abraham Lincoln impersonator Daniel Day-Lewis has requested that all remaining negatives, DVDs, blu-rays and digital copies of Nine be gathered together and destroyed.

‘It’s very simple,’ said Dana Cook, once famous as half of Wayne’s World but now Daniel Day-Lewis’ bag man and PR agent. ‘Daniel has a nearly flawless career, with masterpiece after masterpiece. My Beautiful Launderette, Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and even smaller films like The Ballad of Jack and Rose or The Boxer and then there’s a large film-shaped turd like Nine.’

Day-Lewis has also allegedly approached Martin Scorsese about recutting Gangs of New York. Dana Cook agrees:

Yes we did have a conversation with Marty. Daniel was very pleased with the work he did on that picture as Bill the Butcher, he really felt he created the character, but unfortunately there’s that great big ass, Cameron Diaz, gallumphing about the film and utterly ruining it. Dan felt snip, snip and the film… nay the world would be a better place.

According to Cook, Scorsese is seriously considering a new Director’s Cut of the film for release in 2014.


Brioche, espresso e succo di arancia  

I met Danny Day-Lewis in Florence, Italy where he works in a small shoe repair shop between movie jobs. We shuffled unnoticed through the arcades to a busy bar near his shop: Negozio di scarpe di Dannio Day-Lewisio. He’s in a cheerful mood after Lincoln: ‘it was a hoot,’ he says. ‘Emancipating and rocking the beard. By a mix up I got the wrong script and so I spent three months hunting vampires in preparation until Steven told me there had been a mix up.’

You’ve always chosen your roles very carefully. What made you choose to do Lincoln?

True. With the exception of Nine. For that role Rob Marshall just got me very drunk, mixed in a bit of Spanish Fly and put in a room with some pigs for two days and some high definition video equipment. I had to do it then. But Lincoln was a no brainer, especially after the theatre scene: Ha ha ha!  

You’re famous for your preparation. What did you do to prepare for this role?

Well, first of all I had to emancipate some slaves. How do you do that in this day and age? I thought, but luckily Steven has his own plantation he’s been keeping because of some legal loophole, something to do with taxes (read more about this horrifying story here), and he let me go over there and liberate some. You know just to get a feel for it.

And the voice?

That was a challenge. I mean how did Lincoln speak? I meditated on this for literally minutes and then I decided, fuck it I’ll just pretend.

What’s next? 

I’d like to do some sequels. I’ve got a script that I’ve written with Jim Sheridan called My Right Foot about what happened to Christy Brown later in life. And with Michael Mann I’ve been talking about a sequel to The Last of the Mohicans called That’s it! The Mohicans Have All Gone. No one seems that interested but it doesn’t matter I’ve got my shoe repair business here. And Florence is a nice city, or as Dante would say, A-Firenze it’s-a nice-a city-a, shudduppa your face!

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