Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and just in case you’re thinking of snuggling up with your loved one on the sofa and popping an illegally downloaded film into the thing, here at Studio Exec. we have a few suggestions for you to consider, with our 5 TOP DATE MOVIES.


A Serbian Film. This 2010 classic is a subtle romantic comedy proving that Serbs have all the fun. Milos is an out of work actor of fruity films who is offered the opportunity of making one last ‘come’ back. But things aren’t quite what they seem and Milos finds himself in a series of scrapes to hilarious results. 

Enter the Void. Gasper Noé directed this chuckle bucket of a film about a dopey American living in Hong Kong and getting shot to death in the toilet when a drug deal goes South. A charming remake of It’s a Wonderful Life, Noé’s film will have your date dewy-eyed, whimsical and heart-warming in equal measure.

Cannibal Holocaust. There’s nothing better than a scary movie to give you an excuse to get close to your Valentine’s day special other. And Ruggiero Deodato’s seminal found footage shocker will have you jumping and then laughing at how silly it all is. Enjoy.

Contempt. Ooooh la la! A French film with none other than Bridget Bardot to get you in the mood for romance. Watch as she and her uninspiringly dull boyfriend argue for 97 minutes. This portrait of a relationship in a tailspin will not only entertain, it will show you what too look forward to.

Nil by Mouth. Dim the lights, pour the wine and enjoy this Gary Oldman directed portrait of a marriage. Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke are the happy couple. Oldman was directly inspired by Richard Curtiss but danger this fluffy comedy can cause instant marriage proposals. 


LONDON – News that J.K. Rowling was working on a new script set in the Harry Potter universe was greeted yesterday with skepticism and enthusiasm in equal measure, but today Studio Exec has learned that the film will actually be a continuation of the Harry Potter story. 

According to an insider close to the Rowling camp: ‘J. K. is a big Mike Leigh fan and I think Harry Potter and the Grinding Boredom of Domestic Life is going to reflect that.’
She continues:

The story begins a few years down the line from the end of the last one and Harry’s marriage to Ginny is on the rocks. He’s been having an on off affair with Hermione Granger and is racked with guilt. His best friend Ron knows that Hermione is cheating on him (but not with who) and has become an angry alcoholic prone to bouts of domestic violence. There are some moments of magic but few and far between.

It is yet to be seen whether Mike Leigh will agree to direct the film but our source believed that Sirius Black star, Gary Oldman would make a good second choice: ‘His Nil By Mouth is very close to the spirit of what J.K. is trying to achieve.’ 

 Harry Potter and the Grinding Boredom of Domestic Life will be released in 2015.