HOLLYWOOD – Andrew Dominic’s Young Nick is a triumph, boasting an amazing performance by Timothée Chalamet.

Call Me By Your Name and Ladybird star Timothée Chalamet once more pulls out the stops. This time with a bravura performance as Australian post-punk singer Nick Cave in a new film tracing the origins of the Australian nick cavemusician. Young Nick begins in Australia with the teenager Nick still searching to find his way through the world. Writer and director Andrew Dominic – and pal of Nick Cave – knew Nick Cave as they both group up in the same world. This is evident in the closely observed miseries of 80s suburban Australia. Guy Pearce is superb as Cave’s confused father, who is out of his depth with his rebellious son.

Liam Hemsworth is slightly too old to play Mick Harvey, the Birthday Party and then Bad Seeds guitarist, but he manages his part with aplomb. The interaction between the two makes for some of the funniest dialogue of the film. Cave reveals himself something of an idealist against the hard Ozzie pragmatism of Harvey.


The Scenes of the gigs are great. So vibrant and full of life. From the disastrous school disco to the local club where the first tentative steps towards stardom look to be foiled by the over zealous attentions of the local police.  But it is Chalamet’s performance which is creating early buzz and talks of a possible Oscar nomination down the road. He shows the charisma that made Cave the figure he would become. But equally he manages to suggest the vulnerabilities at the heart of the character. The music is obviously dynamite with a mix of mostly Birthday Party tracks but with an evocative use of From Her to Eternity as the film transitions to a wintry London. And an assault on musical history from out antipodean heroes.

Dominic has created a deeply entertaining, visually sumptuous and startlingly intelligent film. Perhaps his best movie since Chopper. And it is important to note, this isn’t a film for fans only. If you go in without knowing anything about Cave – who stills remains a select taste – there’s still plenty to enjoy in this punkish portrait of a rebel without a cause.

Young Nick comes out in 2020.


HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott announces Gladiator 2 will feature Xenomorph from the Alien series.

Everyone loved it when they heard that Ridley Scott is making Gladiator 2. He spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the new film:

Yeah, of course we’re going to bring Russell Crowe back from the dead. He’s going to play Maximus’ twin brother Randy. He’s a lot different from Maximus but he’ll train up because Rome is threatened and we must defend it.

Threatened? By what?



I know. You see one of the reasons I felt reluctant to go back to Ancient Rome is I had decided that I was only going to make  films with xenomorphs in them. Prometheus and Alien and all that. Then someone said well why can’t there be Xenomorphs in Rome and then Randy will fight them in the Colluseum? And I said, I like it! And I snapped my fingers. Which is something I only do when it’s a really good idea. Like White Squall. Or GI Jane or something.

What about Nick Cave’s script?

Yeah we wanted to use that but there was one problem.

What was it?

It was shit. The whole thing rhymed. And it would have bits saying Guitar solo and stuff like that.

Gladiator 2: Resurrection comes out in 2020.

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HOLLYWOOD – Timothée Chalamet rumored to play young Nick Cave in Australian rocker’s biopic.

Call Me By Your Name and Ladybird star Timothée Chalamet is to hit our screens once more as Nick Cave in a new film tracing the origins of the Australian musician. Becoming Nick will show the antipodean punk in his formative years in his native Australia and will climax with him leaving for London where he’ll form The Birthday Party and go on to have an internationally successful career. Writer and director Andrew Dominic had this to say:

I’ve known Nick it seems all my life and I knew him way before he was the famous singer song writer we see today. And yet he nick cavewas always a massive personality and that’s what Timothée brings to the role. He’s a force of nature, the little bugger. I saw Call Me By Your Name and I just went ‘Strewth! this geezer’s a player!’

Chalamet said he was enthused by the project.

I’m a huge Nick Cave fan. I even read his awful novel.

This will be the third time that Nick Cave’s life has been the subject of a movie. William Hurt starred in The Weeping Song in 1998 directed by Werner Herzog. And in 2003 Gary Oldman played Cave in Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner.

Young Nick comes out in 2020.



20,000 DAYS ON EARTH: REVIEW – Australian rock star Nick Cave spends his 20,000th day on earth in the company of a camera crew, Ray Winstone, Kylie Minogue and various collaborators.

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s surprisingly affable rockumentary shows the brilliant and gloomy songwriter in a variety of staged encounters in his adopted home of Brighton – including a toe-curling psychiatry session, the making of an album, preparation for a concert, lunch with a collaborator and various anecdotes from a career that has always managed to maintain a cult status while occasionally bobbing – like a murder victim wrapped in plastic sheeting – into the mainstream.

Full disclosure: I am a huge Nick Cave fan, having followed him from The Birthday Party through to the Bad Seeds. I saw him when he was touring The Good Son and never looked back. His albums are almost without exception fantastic, his film scores are exceptional, especially The Road and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and his two novels are awful, but I’ve dutifully read both. He even had a short stint as an actor in the amazing and underrated Australian prison film Ghosts of the Civil Dead, directed by fan and collaborator John Hilcoat as well as an appearance as himself in Wim Wenders’ masterpiece Wings of Desire.

I felt some trepidation watching the film, with the feeling you might get before meeting your hero, but the film pulls off the trick of at once being intimate and yet perpetuating  the image of the austere, brooding and unapproachable songster. A layer of darkness is undercut by mundane business, typified by a shot of Cave en famille munching pizza with his twin boys, and watching television. This being Cave, he’s not watching Strictly Dancing, but instead the final shoot out of Brian De Palma’s Scarface.

In short, if you like Nick Cave the film will be a welcome companion piece to The Road to God Knows Where. And if you don’t you’ll be baffled by the whole project.


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SYDNEY – Everyone was eagerly awaiting cheery Australian songster and Lawless scriptwriter Nick Cave’s sequel to Gladiator – tentatively entitled Gladiator 2 – but Ridley Scott decided to do Prometheus instead.

However, the Studio Exec has managed to get his hands on the Gladiator 2 script. 

1. The Colosseum. We begin where the first film ended. The EMPRESS finishes her oration and lowers her arms. The Crowd is hushed. MAXIMUS and COMMODUS lie on the ground dead.


Who will lift this man and carry him to his final resting place?

Senator GRACCHUS comes forward and with the help of the other Gladiators, they lift the body of MAXIMUS. The crowd watches in silence. Petals drift in the the sand. COMMODUS’ body is forgotten where it lies. Stirring music as the funeral procession heads for the gates. 

(Sitting Up) 

Wait! I’m not dead.


What’s this?


A miracle! Thank the Gods. Oh happy day!

MAXIMUS is helped to his feet. The crowd cheers.


But Commodus stabbed you through the heart with his red right hand.


I know I thought I was going from her (points to EMPRESS) to eternity, but this deflected the blow.

MAXIMUS loosens his breast plate and the steel guitar is revealed which deflected the blow. 


T’is stranger than kindness. Quick let him have a (oh mercy) seat.


Give us a song!


Well, I’m a little rusty (strumming guitar: Starts singing). This is a weeping song – Come on everybody.


(Singing)A song in which to weep!  


Gladiator 2 will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Todd Haynes has confirmed that Robert Allen Zimmerman AKA Bob Dylan will play award winning actress Cate Blanchett in his long awaited biopic Carte Blanchett.

I considered Neil Young, Springsteen and Nick Cave for the role” said a suspiciously jolly Haynes. “But Cate did such a great job playing Dylan in ‘I’m Not There’ it stands to reason that Bob would be equally adept at playing her. We thought we’d have a problem getting him to agree to the nude scene but he was cool and said he’d just drink a bottle of Scotch and tuck it behind.
Dylan has been taking his preparations for the role so seriously, that during his recent gigs he has taken to dressing up as characters Blanchett has played throughout her illustrious career.
We thought Bob had lost his mind,” said tour manager Butch Race. 
He turned up on stage wearing a white dress and fake pointy ears and sang ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ in this crazy  language that later I found out was something called ‘Elvish’. Then the next night he came on dressed as Elizabeth 1st I mean, Bob’s a great artist and all, but he’s taking this Blanchett thing a little too far.
Jefferson Rolo from ‘Inside Hollywood’ magazine, claims the film is going to feature a host of secret cameos by Dylan’s friends and fellow musicians.
I don’t want spoil anything. But I have it on good authority that Willie Nelson will be playing Bruce Willis and Leonard Cohen is in negotiations to play Dame Judy Dench.

 Carte Blanchett is due to be released in 2016.