NEW YORK – FOX news anchor Megyn Kelly courted controversy once more today when she claimed on her show during the funeral ceremony for former South African President Nelson Mandela that the defeater of Apartheid was in fact ‘white’.

A transcript from the show reads:

What people forget about Nelson Mandela was that he was of course white when he went into prison, and he only became black as a result of political correctness gone crazy and the lame stream media insisting on it.

Despite her studio guesting politely asking Kelly to ‘put down the crack pipe for one second’, the Fox News star continued:

It’s typical that now the man is dead, everyone is insisting he was black. It’s the playing of the race card, not even the race card, it’s like race bridge by now … well, it’s ridiculous. Race, race, race… It’s like these South Africans are obsessed with it. Jesus, it’s not like Apartheid was even about race per se. 

 The comments came only days after a similar outburst during which she told viewers that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were both verifiably white. Idris Elba – who plays the ANC freedom fighter in the new film Long Walk to Freedom –responded:

I have a lot of respect for Megyn Kelly (who is she by the way?) and the ‘opinions’ that she obviously holds dearly. But Nelson Mandela was black. 

 Fox News has yet to issue a statement (aside from all the statements they broadcast on a 24/7 basis).


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