HOLLYWOOD- NBC have confirmed that Ryan Seacrest will host a brand new version of futuristic game show, The Running Man.

“We’re very excited that Ryan has climbed on board ”, said an NBC spokesman:

He has already provided us with valuable creative input and we’re all looking forward to implementing his ideas.

Many people have already taken to twitter expressing outrage that NBC would broadcast a show featuring the senseless murder of convicted criminals but prospective presidential candidate Jeb Bush, disagrees:

I think it’s a great idea. It keeps the prison population down and serves as a warning to other potential offenders. I fully intend to sit down with my children and enjoy the show.

O.J. Simpson, Charles Manson and The Yorkshire Ripper have already been confirmed as as contestants but with a shortage of notorious criminals, NBC have admitted they will have to set their sights a little lower:

We’ll do our best to get the big names but most of the contestants will be people that have been caught with a joint or have outstanding parking tickets. To be honest, it’s great to get the celebrity criminals but people don’t really care who is cut in half by a chainsaw, they just want to see blood.

The Running Man is due to air in late 2015.