HOLLYWOOD – Tom Hardy has been cloned in order to tackle the remake of Harold Ramis’ 1996 comedy Multiplicity.

The new version, directed by Christopher Nolan, sees Tom Hardy cloning himself ‘for a laugh’, but all is not plain sailing as the clones all come out as versions of Tom’s previous movie characters. In this EXCLUSIVE interview Tom Hardy expands on the unique challenge of playing himself and all of his other movie roles in one movie:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m on the edge of having a serious psychological breakdown right now. Chris says it’s  playing really well on screen so far but I’m not sure what’s real any more. What is Tom? Why is the moonlight? Are fish metaphors? How many are the raspberries? 

I’ve seen some of the dailies, Nolan is right, it looks fantastic, just go with it. How does it feel revisiting all of your previous characters? 

Like I’ve been eaten alive by snakes, each snake has a different piece of my body and I can still feel myself, disembodied in the bowels of the legion of serpents. I scream to be whole but there is no answer, only the dead circular void of the camera silently pulling me towards it like the all powerful maw of a malevolent black hole.

Cool! So just to recap the premise. You’re playing yourself and you have all these clones who are all these great characters you played in all your films and they end up all having to live together under one roof right? And you’re trying to keep it a secret with what I’m assuming will be hilarious comedy consequences? 

That was the plan, but the reality of having Bane, Bronson and Shinzon from Star Trek: Resurrection sharing a bed in the basement has taken the narrative in a different direction. Chris likes to have as much realistic logic as a story can hold so there simply had to be a liberal amount of murder in the movie. It is played for laughs but that basement section of the movie is pretty much just an orgy of the worst human debasement and vile transgressions before it settles into broad domestic comedy. 

Who has been your favourite character to revisit?

Tuck from This Means War is probably the closest thing to the real Tom so that has been nice. It’s like pulling on your old favourite flesh suit. I particularly enjoy the sections where I get to play Eames from Inception because he literally spends the whole movie in a dream state and Chris let me really sleep for all of those takes. But now that I think about it, I think playing  Andie Macdowell is really the thing that keeps me going.

Oh, but that really IS Andie Macdowell in the movie though, isn’t it Tom?

There is no Tom sweetheart, only Iill’ old me Andie sugar. 

Jesus that’s creepy…

Come sit a lill’ closer child, momma won’t hurt you none.

Oh hey Listen Tom I think that’s my call to go…

Theatricality and deception; powerful agents to the uninitiated. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to stay and tinker with my soldier?