HOLLYWOOD – Christopher Plummer will replaces Bryan Singer as the director of Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

Once Bryan Singer departed Bohemian Rhapsody everyone knew what was coming. No sooner had Christopher Plummer finished filming his Kevin Spacey replacement scenes for Ridley Scott than he received a telephone call from someone calling themselves Mr. Robot:

A voice asked me if I would direct a film? Could I direct a film? I thought this very unusual, but I answered I’ve seen it done enough times. I think I should manage. Next thing I knew someone delivered a script to my door as well as a bunch of musicians.

No one has explained the mystery surrounding Singer’s removal. There were reports of a family illness. But also of disruptive behavior on the set, with a worsening relationship with his lead Rami Malek, who stars as Freddie Mercury. That latter hypothesis seems implausible given the asymmetric status of the two.

Adding more confusion is the fact that rumors linking Singer to child abuse claims have seen many assuming he would be joining the lengthening list of Hollywood disgrace. Plummer’s appointment indicates this might be the case.

We asked Christopher if he was aware of Queen.

I will admit that at first I said yes because I’ve always wanted to work with Helen Mirren.

Bohmeian Rhapsody will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Christian Slater has signed on to play Freddie Mercury’s imaginary father in a biopic of the Queen lead singer.

Hot on the heels of the news that Remi Malek is to play Freddie Mercury in the new biopic of the Queen frontman came another bombshell. His Mr. Robot co-star Christian Slater has signed on to play the singers ‘father’.

Christian spoke to the Studio Exec:

This is a great opportunity. Bryan Singer is a great director and as soon as I heard Remi was hired, I knew they’d want the set. I’m a huge fan of Queen. Of course. Freddie Mercury’s upbringing in Zanzibar and India was really interesting. His background as a Parsi is fascinating. And for years he was under the influence of a man he only knew of as Mr. Queen. Freddie was the only person who could see him. It was only later that it turned out that this was his father. His long dead father. A psychotic projection.

But that didn’t happen. His father survived him. 

Ah! That’s what you think.

Queen will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – The second season of USA Network’s Mr Robot has only just begun but already Sam Esmail has announced the theme of Season 3: Pokemon.

With Mr Robot dropping the Second Season earlier this week, expectations have been ramped up about how the show will continue to have its finger on the pulse of contemporary life. Rami Malek will return once more as Eliot but this time the Hacktivist drama will go in a totally different and more lighthearted direction.

Sam Esmail spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about what fans can expect:

I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing. I want to make a drama that is as up to date as possible and so far I’ve managed. We have Obama and Brexit and the election in the Second Season, but we missed Pokemon Go and that is without doubt going to be the most significant thing.

Can you give us a hint of how you’ll work that into the plot?

Of course, no spoilers obviously but Eliot is onto the new game and he is playing it obsessively. We have twelve episodes of this and then in the final episode it’s revealed that there’s no such thing as Pokemon Go and all this time he was really hunting himself.

Mr Robot Season 3 will drop in September, a year earlier than expected.


HOLLYWOOD – HBO, AMC, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime and Fox have all declared that absolutely no new TV shows will be broadcast in 2017.

The decision came following a meeting with the head of all the studios involved and a joint statement was issued EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec.

The thing is we’ve noticed that this year is going to be a bumper year for television with show after show maintaining an astonishingly high quality of writing, acting and production. There are in fact so many shows and so many platforms on which to watch the shows that is has come to our attention that the average American has over one hundred hours of television backlogged and there is very little chance of that backlog going away if there isn’t some kind of moratorium. So that is what we have got together and done.

The move comes after similar moves in Europe have had salutary effects on their respective populace. The BBC made no shows in the UK last year and said that people were drinking more and generally happier. In Italy no new TV shows have been produced for fifteen years and on average people live twenty years longer, if they don’t kill themselves.

What do you think of 2017 being a TV free year?

Is it enough time for you to finally watch the last five episodes of Mr. Robot?

Will you go back and finally start watching The Good Wife or Bloodlines?

Answer these questions in our comment box or I will find you and I will kill you.


HOLLYWOOD – It was revealed today that everyone got to episode five of USA’s Mr. Robot before giving up.

A study by the Federal Office of Uncertain Statistics revealed that everyone who watched  Mr. Robot watched it until episode five and then gave up. The show stars Rami Malek as Elliot, a computer programmer who works for a cyber security company by day, but by night uses his skills to right wrongs etc. It’s like Knight Rider with laptop instead of a car called KIT 9000. Elliot is recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) the leader of a group of rag tag predictably diverse hackers.

Dr. Parker Fillipe of the FOUS told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

The viewer experience of Mr. Robot has been unusually unanimous. Everybody watched the first two episodes and thought it was ‘kick ass’, ‘genuinely original television’ etc. High approval. Then then next two episodes intrigue and interest slowly congeal as twists are predicted and Elliot’s Asperger’s voice-over becomes tiresome. What viewers found particularly irksome was how something was said and then immediately contradicted. For instance in the first episode he talks about how devastatingly lonely he is and then ten minutes later he’s in bed with his beautiful drug dealer. I imagine that is resolved in a later episode but none of us could be bothered at this point.

Has any other show been so universally judged in a similar way?

Critically yes. Lost finale, or True Detective Season 2 spring to mind, but people still watched, and most people watched all the way to the end. But Mr. Robot, no one and I mean absolutely no one watched passed episode 5.

Mr. Robot Season 2 is due in 2016.