HOLLYWOOD – The first image of Scarlett Johansson’s co-star Mickey Rooney in Ghost in the Shell remake has caused a stir on the internets.

When news first came in that Scarlett Johansson was being cast as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the new Paramount/Dreamworks remake of Anime classic Ghost in the Shell, there were legitimate concerns that Hollywood was once more glibly whitewashing Asian characters. And so the further news that Mickey Rooney has been cast to play Johansson’s father will no doubt add fuel to the controversy. In a statement issued today a Paramount senior executive responded to criticisms that had appeared in the media and on comment boards everywhere:


This was not enough for Xavier Poulis, long standing critic of whitewashing:

Mickey Rooney is not only a white man playing an Asian character, he also has a history of playing racist stereotypes. It doesn’t help matters that he also died two years ago. So we now also have a case that not only are white actors playing roles that should be going to ethnically diverse groups, but that even a dead white actor has more chance of being cast than an alive Asian one.

Ghost in the Shell will be released Tuesday.


The Studio Exec has gained exclusive access to the diaries of veteran thespian Sir Edwin Fluffer. Here we are proud to present selected highlights from his many lows of 2014…

Mar 1st Kirk Douglas phoned: he’s got us a cinematographer for Baby Jane, and it’s none other than Oswald Morris! I haven’t seen old Ossie since I presented him with the Academy Award for Fiddler on the Roof.  Hope he’s forgotten that I spilt my drink down his wife’s dress. It cost me $37 to get it dry cleaned.

Mar 17th Had some sad news today: Oswald Morris has died. I remember when we worked together on Oliver! It was Ossie who suggested to the director that I should stand right at the back and not say anything. James Mason said it was some of the best work I’d ever done, and I have Ossie to thank for that.

Mar 28th Got the new script for this bloody Star Wars thing I’ve got myself muddled up in. I’ll be voicing this robot which spins along like a football, and there’s a love scene with someone called C3P0. I can’t believe that anyone will want to see it.

Apr 1st Just got off the phone to Kirk Douglas: Mickey Rooney has agreed to do Baby Jane! I’m hoping he’ll do the funny voice again, because that was easily the best thing about Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I think one of the Hepburns was in that too. Can’t remember which one, but I got the set if you know what I mean!

Apr 6th Dear old Mickey Rooney’s died.  It was thanks to him that I got my big break in Apache Chaps! There was a scene where Rooney’s character had to open a tin of biscuits but they were on a high shelf and poor Mickey just couldn’t reach them. Ever the trouper he went for another take and tried it on tip toes, but it was still no good. But Mickey’s loss was my gain and the rest as they say is history. I think they were custard creams.

Apr 18th Sat next to lovely Russell Crowe at the Noah premiere and when I woke up again at the end he said all my scenes had been cut!  I thought they would’ve at least kept in the line when I told Noah ‘you can’t park that thing here’, but the studio were desperate to get it down to under three and a half hours and yours truly ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s Apocolypse Now all over again. And Laurence of Arabia. And Gone With The Wind.

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HOLLYWOOD – It was revealed today that Mickey Rooney‘s warring family are setting up a Kickstarter scheme in order to defray costs from his funeral arrangements.

A source close to the family, who have been cut out of the late comedy actor’s will, said that the family were angry and no one was willing to actually pay for the funeral.

They are all big Zach Braff fans and so they thought why not do a Kickstarter and that way all the people who loved Mickey so much could have an opportunity to chip in and help with the costs. 

Pledges of as little as $15 will receive a ‘I Helped Bury Mickey Rooney’ t-shirt; $20 a t-shirt and baseball cap; for a $100 dollars a pledgee can come to the funeral and $500 will give the loyal fan the opportunity to be a pall bearer. A special deluxe pledge of $1000 and above will allow the mourner to throw themselves into the grave and lie on top of the coffin screaming ‘Bury us both. I just can’t go on.’

The tastelessness of this article was brought to you courtesy of a grubby family situation and a prurient media.