HOLLYWOOD – Joseph Fiennes’ portrayal of Michael Jackson won’t be shown because Joseph Fiennes was cast as Michael Jackson.

An episode of a TV show in which Joseph Fiennes plays late pop icon Michael Jackson has been cancelled because Joseph Fiennes was playing Michael Jackson. The episode was part of the TV show Urban Myths which was due to show on British television later this month. An insider with the production spoke to the Studio Exec:

We made the show and even put out a trailer earlier this week, but then one of the viewers complained that Joseph Fiennes – a white man – was playing Michael Jackson – a black man. We vociferously denied it at first but then we went in and screened it and sure enough there he was. How he had sneaked in was beyond us. The whole thing was Bad, and not in the way Michael intended the word.

Joseph Fiennes will be appearing in something else.


NEW YORK – Donald Trump has announced that his running mate and pick for Vice President will be Chewbacca Mom.

In a move that might once more shift the voting for November’s presidential elections, tycoon and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has picked Candace Payne AKA Chewbacca Mom to be his running mate.

She is a wonderful person. She’s so positive. She has one of those laughs. What do you call it…? A contagious laugh! That’s it. She’s just great. She is strong on policy and she just makes you want to smile and forget stuff for a while. And let me tell you something else. Talk about heart. She has a big heart. She can sing a Michael Jackson song! And in these times of great racial divide and violence and fear, because things are going wrong, we need that. Let’s make America Laugh behind a Star Wars Piece of Merchandizing Again!

However, there was some confusion as to Mr. Trump’s pick and specifically if he had actually informed Chewbaccca Mom who had spent the day learning Ebony and Ivory in preparation for a Peace rally later that day. However, some political operators see Trumps pick as a slam dunk.

She appeals to women, she appeals to geeks, she appeals to moms, she is media savvy and she’ll pick up all Michael Jackson fans and give Donald Trump some much needed reach out in the black community as a result. Hillary Clinton will be looking over he shoulder with a little more fear now.

Hillary Clinton has yet to announce her running mate but Angry Splash Mountain Lady and the ridiculously good looking felon are both in the running.

The Presidential Election will never end.  Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec has obtained a sneak peak at the new Spike Lee film: The Joseph Fiennes Story.

Spike Lee’s biopic of actor and Voldemort brother Joseph Fiennes is well into production and the first picture was released today EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec. The Do The Right Thing director last night stated that his film of the Shakespeare in Love star was a direct response to Joseph Fiennes’ appearance as Michael Jackson in a new TV show.

Spike Lee came by the Studio Exec bungalow to discuss the new project:

I like Joseph Fiennes. I love him in everything he’s ever been in, especially Flash Forward. But frankly following the announcement of the Oscars and the campaign to promote diversity this news came as a slap in the face to all folks who had been upset about the lack of diversity in recent years. So I’ve decided I’m going to fight fire with fire.

The film will cover Joseph Fiennes career from Shakespeare in Love to the present day.

I’m interested in Joseph Fiennes as I think that it is a unique story of fame and anonymity.  Joseph is famous but at the same time always in the shadow of his brother, who will be played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The Joseph Fiennes Story will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino has just released some rare photographs of early screen tests for “Pulp Fiction”.

First there was the list of casting possibilities and today saw the release of some rare photographs depicting screen tests from Pulp Fiction, offering a rare insight into the film that could have been. In the first shot Jules is still played by Samuel L. Jackson but John Travolta had originally turned down the role of Vince Vega and the character was played by Jim Carrey. Carrey was eager to establish himself as a serious actor, following his success in such films as “Ace Ventura” and “The Mask”.

The second picture shows another hopeful for the role of Vince Vega, the self-proclaimed King of Pop Michael Jackson. An obvious attraction was his suitability for the dance scene, but it turned out that his acting ability did not match his moves.

Quentin Tarantino spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the photographs and the story behind them:

Casting Pulp Fiction was especially difficult. With Reservoir Dogs I had really just been lucky, but for Pulp Fiction I had so manypulp fiction people knocking on my door, I could have cast anyone. I was so enthused that I ended up testing anyone I could think of, just so I could talk to them and spend some time with them. I think when it came down to it I never had any intention of casting Michael Jackson as Vega. Carrey on the other hand was very close to how I had imagined Vincent. But then Travolta finally came to his senses and that was that.

An exhibition of Pulp Fiction memorabilia is currently on display in PixelFaker’s closet HERE.