HOLLYWOOD – We know here at Studio Exec that the internet isn’t just about porn; it’s also about lists. Knowing more about films means making lists, lists, lists. We have more lists than a Hungarian pianist’s repertoire.

And so we’re proud to present our 5 directors who take their names from geographical features.


1. Michael Bay: He might be the most practiced air conditioning unit dodger and robot toy franchise director in the history of multi-angled explosions but did you know Michael Bay’s name actually means body of water by an isthmus of a river?

2. Steven Spielberg: You definitely don’t know that Mr. Jurassic Park has a surname which is actually German for ‘talking mountain’. Ironically, John Milius is Latin for ‘Jew in a baseball cap’. 

3. Oliver Stone: Admittedly the JFK director tends towards the geological, but Stone is proud of his geographic marker and makes a point of standing by standing stones whenever he sees a standing stone to stand by.  

4. Michael Moore: The Fahrenheit 9/11 director likes nothing more than eating a large curry and then warning everyone that there’s a wind on the moor tonight. He’s also famous for his sense of humor.  

5. Walter Hill: Inspired by the work of Benny Hill to become a film director, the young Walter Kubrick got himself down to the town hall and changed his name and the rest is history.