CLEVELAND – Scott Baio – star of Happy Days and Charles in Charge – expressed concern that his career might have been damaged by his endorsement of Donald Trump.

The star and former teenage heart-throb Scott Baio yesterday admitted that he worried that his career had been irrevocably damaged by his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He told the Studio Exec:

It’s strange. My phone stopped ringing and the offers have all dried up. I blame it on the liberal bias in Hollywood that has been the bane of my career. I was riding high with my reality show on VH1 and the cameos, and then I spoke about Donald Trump and how I supported him and everything is in tatters. We’ll make America great again. But then I’ll need to make Scott Baio famous again as well.

Similar complaints were heard from the other guy who spoke from the soap opera and that fella from the reality show about duck shooting. Melania Trump was the only speaker who seems to have made a strong impression with her wit and originality. Such a refreshing breath of fresh and change from Michelle Obama.

The Republican National Convention continues.


HOLLYWOOD – Ted Cruz and Donald Trump plus their spouses are to star in a remake of classic swingers comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

With the Republican primary kicking up some of the highest figures in TV debate history, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has come a calling. Although many were talking about a superhero franchise, the word has come down that Donald is a huge fan of Paul Mazursky’s 1969 swingers comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

A studio insider told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We thought it would be challenging to get the candidates to agree to appear in a movie which involves wife swapping, but it turns out they were peachy keen! We thought it wouldn’t be presidential but apparently that boat sailed a long time ago.

The official synopsis reads:

Melania and Donald Trump are a happily married couple until Donald decides to run for president. He thinks that it will fill a hole in his life, but in reality it is just more frustrating and boring than his life already is. The only pleasure he gets from it is socializing with arch-rival Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi. Entering the final convention with no clear winner, deliberations take a turn for the kinky when the candidates and their wives decide to have an orgy. This remake of a classic tale of contemporary sexual mores will take on a new relevance as they do to each other what they’ve all done to the American democracy.

Don & Heidi & Ted & Melania will be released in 2018.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.