HOLLYWOOD – Marvel have confirmed that Edgar Wright’s Brain Face has been delayed following what is being called ‘conceptual stasis’ by an insider.

Fans of the comic book have long waited for a movie version of the cult graphic novel series, but it looks like they will have to wait some more. For those unfamiliar with Brain Face, Brain Face follows the adventures of research biology post-grad Ali Harwood who in a cycling accident finds his brain entirely shifted to the front of his face. Despite surgery, Dern is left for dead, but he escapes the mortuary to return to his home where he constructs a new identity for himself as Brain Face.

Comic expert Xavier Poulis told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY what exactly is appealing about the Brain Face books:

Most of the time a character who had suffered a trauma like Brain Face would then have superpowers to compensate for the terrible accident, but in the case of Brain Face, his brain has just slipped down in front of his face and that’s really it. He doesn’t have any new powers at all and in fact he can only speak in a very muffled voice, has difficulty breathing and is unbelievably difficult to look at while eating.

Nicolas Cage had been in talks about he role as is legally mandatory for any role in a Hollywood movie, but insiders believe that the studio really want a younger actor like Josh Hutcherson to play the role. Hutcherson told Studio Exec:

Brain Face is like THE comic book I read most when I was growing up. Man, I know that guy inside out. What interests me about the whole idea is how it’s really a metaphor for living in a world that doesn’t understand you and expects something more from you.

Brain Face first appeared in a one off story called ‘Get You with Frontal Lobes!’ that appeared in a 1987 anthology of New Directions. Brain Face then appeared in a series on its own and defied generic ordinariness with its dismal realism. ‘The editions wouldn’t have adventures as such,’ Poulis says.

He would just encounter a lot of hostility, find it difficult to hold down a job and spend a lot of time in his room, despairing of living a normal life. In that way it connected with a wider audience than was first thought probable.

But until a script has been finalized it looks unlikely that the film will be made anytime soon.

Brain Face has been postponed indefinitely.