WASHINGTON – Netflix to make new show based on President Trump’s cognitive test, entitled: Person Woman Man Camera TV.

President Donald Trump is returning to television with a new Netflix show entitled: Person Woman Man Camera TV. The show to be produced by Mark Burnett will be the first Netflix quiz show. We spoke with a source close to the show:

We’re really excited about this. It’s the first time Netflix have ever done a quiz show, so just that is new territory. The format is going to be very simple. I mean, it kinda has to be. Anyhoot, President Trump is the host. A few laughs, a song and time to meet the contestants. He scores the women and defeats the men in a handshaking competition. Then we go into the animal identification round. The contestants get to see some animals and they have to say what they are.


I know, right. Especially the way Don Jr’s going. Am I right? Then there’s the quick fire round.

Like a series of short questions on general knowledge?

No. We set the studio on fire and the first contestant to notice and shout ‘quick, fire!’ wins ten points. Whoever has the most points goes head to head with President Trump on the remember five words in the correct order challenge.

And what are the prizes?

Well, if the contestant wins, they have to go again until the President wins. If the President wins he gets to sleep with your youngest female relative.

That’s disgusting. 

That’s the game. I don’t know where he got it from. Some neighbor in Palm Springs I heard. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun and everyone’s going to see a side of the President that we don’t usually get to see.

Person Woman Man Camera TV drops on Netflix this week.


HOLLYWOOD – Producers of the hit TV mini-series The Bible Roma Downey and Mark Burnett responded angrily to criticism that they had cast a Moroccan actor in the role of Satan because of a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama.

‘He is a fine actor who has appeared many times in Biblical style epics and was cast long before we even knew who Obama was,’ said an unknown source. ‘The casting is historically accurate in every way. Satan was tall, thin, of a dark complexion, and believed in socialized medicine and gay marriage.’

The casting has come in for praise by such intellectuals such as Glenn Beck, who in a sophisticated piece of satirical foolery refuses even to name Barack Obama in his daily screeds and rants. His observations were joined by many bloggers and tweets noticing the same resemblance although drawing vastly different conclusions.
Jesus – on the other hand – is played by uncontroversial choice Diogo Whitey White Morgado. Like Jesus, Diogo is Portuguese and white, has a beard and is popular at parties. ‘When I first got the role, I thought yeah,’ said Diogo. ‘Then I saw there were quite a few lines to learn, I thought oh. Then I thought well, never mind. And I did it.’
So the moral to take away from this is… wait a minute why are the History Channel showing this mumbo jumbo?